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The Colors Of Fall

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Automne as the French welcome it.
Arriving ever so shyly behind Summer, then coming into its own,
wrapping all in the natural jewels of nature.
Hues rich and luxurious in warmth of gold, amber,
You capture this memory and ever so subtly
remind us when the season has passed.

warm autumn

Women always look their best when they dress and coordinate their hair color and makeup to match their season. If you are an Autumn there are a range of glorious shades that will ensure you look stunning every single day.

There are a large number of women who fall under the category of Autumn. In fact, Autumns make up the third largest population.

Within the Autumn category of coloring, there are actually four sub-categories or blends. An Absolute Autumn typically tends to have hair color that is copper red or neutral beige. The skin tone of a natural Autumn is warm.

A Gentle Autumn on the other hand tends to mix slightly with Summer and will have lighter hair colors.

Someone who is classified as a Golden Autumn can share some characteristics with Springs and at times have blonde hair and can wear more vivid colors.

Lastly, there are the Striking Autumns who blend with Winter and have dark hair color with warm undertones to their skin.
Because women who are warm Autumn color and skin tone usually have a sense of intensity to these warm skin tones, they need colors that enhance this warmth.

To compliment their skin tones, Autumns should wear colors that are earthy. Basically, colors that make you think of a warm, crisp Autumn day is typically going to flatter an Autumn.
Autumns are all about glowing warmth and muted beauty. An Autumn can wear colors that make you think of something exotic, spicy and mysterious with ease.

Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Color Choices For Autumn - Fall Clothing

Autumns look stunning in shades that are rich or muted, yet still warm and inviting. Shades such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even gray will bring out a healthy, gorgeous glow in an Autumn.

Warm autumn color and skin tones have a color palette that is composed of the following shades- off whites, warm beiges that range from light to dark, warm browns from light to dark, camel, gold Mustard, pumpkin, terra cotta, rust, peach & Salmon orange, orange-red, tomato red Lime green, yellow-green, moss green, grayed green, olive green, jade green, forest green, turquoise, teal blue, dark periwinkle blue.


Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Color Chart And Palette




If you do at times wish to stray slightly from your warm a autumn color and skin tone palette, it is possible to do while still maintaining a great look.

Simply wear the colors that flatter you the most close to your face. For example, make certain your shirts, scarves, hats and such are colors from your Autumn palette.

Items such as pants and skirts can be of a color in another palette.

Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone

When shopping for clothes to flatter and highlight your Autumn complexion, always look for shades with a warm undertone that will match the glow in your skin.

autumn skin toneThere are a wide variety of shades that compliment women who fall under the category of Autumn.

However, there are also a number of colors that simply do not flatter Autumns and should be avoided.

If you are a warm autumn color and skin tone, you will want to avoid colors that are clear and bright.

Typically black and white are not good Autumn colors either as they will wash you out and make your complexion appear wan.

This does not mean never to wear black, in fact black on redheads is stunning, just watch that your cosmetics and accessories are strong enough to add the needed tones that will keep you from looking pale.

Instead of classic black and white, choose combinations of black with taupes, creams,oyster, and beige. A look very flattering to a warm autumn color and skin tone.

Pastels and blue tones are not good color choices for Autumns either, as they will bring about a washed out appearance to your complexion.


If you are shopping for a dress or a full outfit, you will look warm and inviting in shades like navy blue, olives, golden browns and deep warm grays.

These colors will highlight and compliment your complexion perfectly. If you need a blouse, never opt for one in a snowy white. Instead, choose your blouses in a more neutral shade such as oyster, ecru or eggshell.

Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Autumn And Fall Palette Accessories

Whenever possible, your accessories should also be in Autumn shades to completely pull together your look.
Choose handbags, briefcases and such in any shade of brown or even rich, golden tan. Your shoes should be purchased in brown or a slightly reddish brown, beige, or oyster colors.

If you enjoy wearing accent pieces such as scarves, pick them in colors that are spicy, warm and inviting. You can choose such shades as burnt red, deep oranges, olive, deep shades of gold and turquoise. Pretty much any color that is an earth tone will accent your outfit beautifully. However, even with your accents, remember to avoid colors such as black, white and all hues of pastel.

Women who have a warm autumn color and skin tone will always look their best when they choose fabrics that are composed of rich earth tones. Although Autumns look wonderful in colors that are yellow-based, subdued and deep, they can wear some vibrant shades as well. If you are an Autumn and enjoy dressing in bold colors, try shades of orange, lime green, chartreuse or an orange red.

One of the primary keys to dressing for you best in an Autumn pallet is remembering to mix your colors.
If you want to start dressing in your proper Autumn shades, it is easy to get started. Begin with the absolute essential wardrobe basics.

Colors in brown, tan warm beige, rust, olive green and forest green not only will look fabulous on you but can also be coordinated with virtually everything.

Your shoes should be the same hue as your hemline as an average rule or slightly darker for a more formal occasion.

Opt for footwear in shades of coffee brown, suntan, warm beige, ivory, nude or sage, these colors will easily match with every outfit you put together. Your hose should work to blend the shade of your shoes with your hemline.

autumn skin tone

Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Jewelry

Jewelry and stones are often an important part of accessorizing for many women. Ladies who are Autumns should wear metals that are of a yellow gold, bronze, copper, oxidized gold and silver.
The stones best suited for women who are warm autumn color and skin tone are turquoise, topaz, canary diamonds, ivory toned pearls, jade-carnelian, garnets, and opals.
Eyeglasses are not just an essential part of good vision, they can also be yet another way to accessorize and pull your look together. The right eyeglasses can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. You can easily wear glasses that fit into your Autumn category and make you look sensational.

Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Eyewear

If you are an Autumn and opt for metal frames on your eyeglasses, pick frames that are a yellow or oxidized gold. If you prefer plastic frames for your eyeglasses, you will look your best in frames that are turquoise shell, warm brown, camel, bronze or even peach tones. Overall, you are looking for frames that will compliment your hair and skin tones.

Autumn is thought of as a warm tone and women who fall under this category typically have complexions that are composed of golden undertones. These golden undertones can include pale peach, golden beige or golden brown.
As a warm autumn color and skin tone you will never go wrong wearing cosmetics that are the same shades as your clothing pallet. The same is true of your foundation. Pick a concealer in warm or honey tones steer clear of blue-based cosmetics, which could make you look washed out and sickly.

A large number of women with red or brunette shades of hair that have golden brown eyes fall into this grouping. At times however, ladies with golden blonde as well as black hair coloring can fall into this group as well.

It is not surprising in the least the women who are in the category of warm autumn color and skin tone look beautiful in muted earth tones. This is because women, who are classified as Autumns, usually do have a color to their complexion that suggests deepness. Often Autumn women have somewhat of earth tone characteristics to their hair color, eye color and skin tone.



Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone ~ Hair Color

Autumns always look best in their natural hair color. All women who have naturally red hair will either be an Autumn or a Spring. Autumns with red hair usually have a complexion that is porcelain white or incredibly pale.

There are however many Autumns that have a complexion that is somewhat ruddy or has an orange tone. Autumns really do encompass a wide range of colorings.

Autumns who have a more fair complexion will usually look great in the pallet shades of oranges and turquoise.

Autumns who are more brunette or have black hair typically look better in the Autumn pallet colors of olive green, chocolate brown or orange reds

Enjoy Autumn
Warm Autumn Color And Skin Tone





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