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Vintage Hairstyles Vintage Hair Style History

Vintage Hairstyles captured the artistic skill of hairdressing.

Vintage Hairstyles
Capture The Art Of Hairdressing

Although certain underlying fundamental principles were followed, no restraining rules were ever applied and free scope was given to the expression of individual artistry.

Perhaps this is the reason of their return in popularity today. A vintage hairstyle paired with a vintage wedding dress is nothing short of fabulous and for the bride wishing something unique but still classic for her wedding day, the vintage styles are perfect.

The same applies for proms and formal events taking your look to the elegance and grace of the golden age of Hollywood. Vintage hairstyles add the finishing touch of authenticity to period costumes for theater, dance, plays, and even Halloween costumes.

vintage updo hairstyle 1900sThese hairstyles capture sexy glamour, class, polish and mystery to a women's look and our look today must be unique and individual, yet still trendy and up to the minute in style.

Vintage hairstyles do all that and more. Continue through the Vintage hairstyles section and see how easy it really is to recreate these styles.

We are very aware today of our face shape and its importance for choosing our hairstyles. The first section id devoted to a treatise on the aesthetics of these lines and proportions.

Not only will you be able to choose the perfect vintage hairstyle for you, but all of your styles of choice. You will learn the fundamentals of hairdressing and to making of various chignons, waves, pin curls and knots.

You will find these sections not only interesting but valuable as well, as you benefit from being able to pair vintage hairstyles with your favorite outfits and create a special blend of a classic and yet modern beauty that is truly your own.

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Updated March 6, 2012

Vintage Hairstyles

1920s bob hairstyle platinum

Celebrity Vintage Hairstyles Of 1920 and 1930

Clara Bows Hair
The 1920s and 1930s saw Clara Bow always groomed beautifully and there was something sassy and slightly seductive in Clara's style

Gloria Swansons Hair
How to style this retro bob hairstyle worn by Gloria Swanson in the thirties, her hair was almost blue black in color, so intense was the shine

Greta Garbo Hair
The 1930's hairstyles were influenced by finger waves and fashion of this actress who personified class and the aloofness of a cat

Joan Crawford

Lillian Gish Hair
Hairstyle Of The First Lady of the Silent Screen, Style the beautiful long waves of this silent film star

Louise Brooks Bob Hair
A 1920's flapper and celebrity hairstyle trendsetter. Pictures and images of Louis Brooks and her blunt vintage bob hairstyle with style steps

Marilyn Monroe Hair
Six of Marilyn Monroes classic hairstyles with Marilyn Monroe pictures and styling instructions. If you are looking for a retro pinup girl hairstyle for costumes or dress up, choose one from the classic pinup girl herself, Monroe

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vintage 1940s hairstyle

1940 Vintage Hairstyles

Womens 1940s Hairstyles
Even during a time of war, women strived to keep a touch of glamour in their hairstyles from long wavy shoulder length waves to soft ringlets. View the pictures in this 1940s hairstyle gallery for inspiration in creating a style for 40s hair

Mature Womens Fifties Hairstyles

1940s Updo For Short Vintage Hair Style
1940 Updo For Short Hair Create an authentic 1940s vintage hair style for short hair. How to cut, set, and style an updo for your short hair

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1950s brushing hair

1950 Vintage Hairstyles

Womens 1950s Hairstyles
A hairstyle gallery featuring pictures of medium and long 50s hairstyles.

Mature Womens Fifties Hairstyles
No matter what their age, women liked to look fashionable, and the older women of the 1950s were no different.

Mens 1950s Haircuts And Styles
The sleek and slick styles of mens 1950s cuts and style. Short haircuts were neat ad proper for the 1950s middle aged man.

Mens Rockabilly Hairstyles And Haircuts
Need a Rockabilly Haircut, try John Travolta's style in Grease, or classic Elvis Presley or James Dean for a 50s rockabilly style

Older Mens 50s Hair Styles
As it was for younger men, the styling product of the day was Brylcreem. Brylcreem was used to create the smooth or the wavy styles popular with mature and older men

Teens 50s Hairstyles
Teenage boys wore a wavy Quiff style, coined the DA or ducks arse and teenage girls wouldn't be caught dead with straight hair and went to all measures to have curly or at least hair with deep waves like Veronica Lake

Kids Hairstyles Of The 1950s
Children's 1950s Hairstyles Both boys and girls hairstyles echoed the styles adults were wearing during the 50s

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1960s fashion

1960 Vintage Hairstyles

The 1960 Bouffant Hairstyle
For a large portion of the 1960's, big hair was in. The1960 Bouffant hairstyle and the Beehive hairstyles were all the rage for women of all ages and it seemed the higher the hair, the happier the woman

Flip Hairstyle Late 1960s
The flip hairstyle late 1960s was in and that big pouffy hair was out. The 1960's may have started out with big hairstyles like the Bouffant and the Beehive, but as the 60's came to a close, simplistic, sophisticated hairstyles became all the rage

1960s Hairstyles
Hairstyles of the 1960s for women became a little looser and softer than the decade before

Vidal Sassoon Styled The 1960s Hairstyles
For a large portion of the 1960's, big hair was in. The1960 Bouffant hairstyle and the Beehive hairstyles were all the rage for women of all ages and it seemed the higher the hair, the happier the woman

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