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Your Facial Profile

Your profile or the side view of your head is worth a close look for a vintage hairstyle. Any prominent features you have are so easily accentuated if you do not know your face shape from all angles, but particularly from your profile.

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At this view our nose is undoubtedly the most pronounced feature. If you do have a nose that is well proportioned and shaped you are very lucky and do not have to be as concerned as the majority of women. The following are the most common concerns of women and in choosing style for their profile.


Face Shape Long Drooping Nose

A Long Drooping Nose

In this illustration we have a nose that is liberally long, and the point of this nose is somewhat drooping. This feature can also be found with a receding forehead so that the nose and forehead seemingly form a straight line.

Face Shape Long Nose

This is very much the wrong hairstyle for this face shape.

The vintage hairstyle of flat waves over the forehead and the severe lines of a turned in coiffure or a french twist, flat at the neck and projecting at the crown of the head cause the nose to look even more pronounced.

Face Shape Long Noses
A less severe vintage hairstyle consisting of a low knot at the nape of the neck and more fullness of the hair over the forehead area. You can visually see the drastic changes between these two styles in the side profile.
Face Shape Pug Nose

A Short Or Pug Nose

As with a long nose a short or pug nose does not look its best with any severe treatment of a hairstyle around the face.

Face Shape Short Nose
This vintage hairstyle arranges the hair too severe and serious for this type of nose.
Face Shape Short Noses
This is a vintage hairstyle that works to have the face appear much more interesting and the shape of the nose less conspicuous. The style brings the hair in a soft fluffy manner to and over the forehead area, where it forms a puff, or "pouf"
Face Shape Long Chin
A Long Chin An extremely long and protruding chin will appear still longer if the hairstyle is not suitable.
Face Shape Longer Chin
In this illustration the hair is styled too flat on the top and the forehead. By styling the hair backward the line between the ear and chin has become unnecessarily long.
Face Shape Long Chins
This is corrected in this illustration by having the hair styled forward and arranged over the cheek areas. This shortens the line. By the use of a low chignon on the back of the head, and by arranging the front hair a little higher and more fluffy, the entire head becomes perfectly balanced and the length of the chin is not at all obvious.

Vintage Hairstyles For Your Profile You can see from these examples how the arrangement of your hairstyle can en chance the natural beauty of your face or improve imperfect shapes and features. This truly is, where art and hair meet.

How To Choose A Vintage Hairstyle

How To Choose Vintage Hairstyles For Your Face Shape
Feminine beauty is expressed, to a very large extent, by the correct proportions of your figure and particularly your head. Your face shape as we now refer to the "Study Of Proportions" is as important for a vintage hairstyle as it is for any other trendy hairstyle of today.

Your Facial Type And Vintage Hair Styles
Helps you deal with a long face, high forehead and short face with a wide forehead. Using your hairstyle as a means of shaping your face is as important with a vintage hairstyle as with any other popular hairstyle. Discovering your facial shape is as easy as pulling your hair back into a ponytail or away from your face so that it is completely revealed.

How To Use Vintage Hairstyles For Shaping Your Facial Features
Soften a wide or narrow lower face with vintage hairstyles. A large lower face and a narrow lower face are common in many women. The goal is to soften the appearance and add a touch of femininity.

Face Shape
Face Shape,hair texture,and thickness are your natural guidelines for discovering your own best style and then remaining blissfully content with the choice. Knowing your facial shape is the basis that all of your makeovers, whether new makeup, new hairstyles, or extreme makeovers should be started.
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Vintage Hairstyles For Your Profile

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Vintage Hairstyles For Your Profile

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