Updo Hair Styles Gallery 4 Featuring Updos With Side Swept Bangs

In Updo Hair Styles Gallery 4 you can view styles with side swept bangs that beautifully accent the styles.

Bangs seem so minor in many ways, after all, they only involve a small section of the overall head on your hair.

However, bangs can make all of the difference in the world in the outcome of your hairstyle.

Updos with side swept bangs are the perfect way to make that point. Side swept bangs can completely transform an otherwise plain updo and add a whole new dimension to the finished look of your hairstyle.

Side swept bangs can easily create the illusion of hair that is much thicker than it actually is. Side swept updos are also a good idea for women with very fine locks.

You can opt to leave a long side bang straight for drama or implement a feminine touch by adding curl to the bottom of your bang.

Side swept bangs will soften your updo and make it appear to be less severe. You can create side swept bangs with hair that is long or of a medium length.

side swept bangs up do hairstyle

Face Shape And Side Swept Bangs

Although you can fashion your side swept bangs in many ways as is obvious by the different hairstyles in this gallery, there are certain face shapes that work better with side swept bangs and an updo than others.

Oval faces naturally look beautiful when you implement side swept bangs into your updo. This is because oval face shapes can wear basically any hairstyle imaginable.

Square face shapes will always look better when you are wearing updos with side swept bangs.

Bangs swept to the side will reduce the appearance of and work towards softening the angles of your face.

Updo Hair Styles Gallery 4

Updo hair styles gallery 4 will give you ideas for different ways in which you can wear an updo with side bangs.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 6, 2015

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Updo Hair Styles Gallery 4