Update Your Hairstyle With Swoop Bangs

Swoop Bangs For SpringAre you tired of the hairstyle you’ve been wearing, yet are not sure what new look to try? Perhaps you have long hair and are not ready to commit to cutting off length, yet you want to try something different.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to redo your look, why not try Swoop bangs for an instant uplift for your hairstyle.

The Swoop bang is ideal in that almost everyone can wear it.

However, the Swoop bang does help to mask some facial features while highlighting others.

Swoop bangs offer a magical makeover for those with long or thin face shapes that contain sharp angular or pointy features.

A Swoop bang will soften your facial features instantly. Women with heart shaped faces can also benefit from Swoop bangs as they slim wider cheeks and jawbones.

If your face is square, Swoop bangs that taper into layers close to the jaw will gently soften the angles of your face.

A great Swoop bang can stand alone to makeover your hairstyle. If however, you are seeking a way to jazz up your look even more, playing with color is always an interesting option.

If the base color of your hair is very dark, you may want to experiment with tiny highlighted stripes in a lighter color in your bangs to draw attention to your eyes or face. Highlights and lowlights are also a great way to make thin, fine hair appear full and soft.

Update Your Hairstyle With Swoop Bangs
For special occasions or even just when you’re in the mood to have fun, hair jewels and accessories can be a great way to play with your Swoop bangs. Add small beads, feathers, clips or barrettes along your Swoop for a trendy, hip style.

You can experiment with your Swoop bang as much as you want. Use different styling products to create as much of a loose or slicked backside swept look as desired. Creating a Swoop bang is so easy and will instantly update your hairstyle.


Update Your Hairstyle With Swoop Bangs Styling Steps

style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.
style steps Towel dry and apply a small dab of styling mousse to damp locks.
style steps Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and evenly distribute product.
style steps Style your hair as usual.
style steps When it comes to your Swoop bang, blow dry using a rounded brush. Point the dryer down the length of your hair and use the brush to direct your Swoop to the side until your tresses are fully dry and smooth.
style steps If your hair is naturally wavy, apply an anti-frizz product first.
style steps Rub a small amount of pomade between your palms and smooth over your bang with your hands to hold your
style steps Swoop in place.
style steps Work a small amount of shine serum through your Swoop if desired.
style steps Mist with hairspray for hold.




Update Your Hairstyle With Swoop Bangs

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