Try This Medium Length Hairstyle For Spring 2007

Medium length hair is an ideal choice for Spring 2007. With medium length locks, you have the best of all styling worlds.

Your locks are long enough to play with, pull back into a ponytail, or even fashion into an elaborate updo. They however are not too long that you will find your hairstyles overwhelmed and weighed down.

There are so many styling options available for Spring 2007. After being stuck inside all winter, your social calendar is apt to be filling up with events geared towards Spring fun. For your next picnic, garden party or evening occasion, a simple, yet elegant ballerina knot can be the ideal style for your medium length hair.

To achieve this chic look for your medium length locks this Spring; you should work with hair that has not been freshly washed. Hair that has not been shampooed in a day or so holds hairstyles like this better.

Try This Medium Length Hairstyle For Spring 2007
Styling StepsMedium Hairstyle

Create texture for your locks by using a styling tool such as a curling iron or a crimper to gently tousle your locks.

Hairsrtyle Steps Mist your locks with hairspray to help hold the style.

Hairsrtyle Steps Pull your hair into a high ponytail that rests just below the crown of your head.
Take the hair that is in the ponytail and twist and turn until the hair is twined up.

Hairsrtyle Steps Carefully start wrapping the twisted hair at the base until it has formed a bun.

Hairsrtyle Steps Secure your hair with hairpins.

Hairsrtyle Steps Spritz with spray shine if you desire a glossy finish.

Hairsrtyle Steps Mist with hairspray for hold.

A terrific medium length hairstyle will make you the life of every Spring party. However, it is not just a wonderful hairstyle that will cause you to shine this Spring. Knowing what cuts look good on you and compliment your face shape and hair type is also important.


medium-spring-hairstyles styling tips medium length hair Medium length locks with long wavy pieces will be all the rage this Spring. The secret to this look is not in the cut, although that is a good place to start.

A medium length hairstyle that incorporates long, layers will give you the beginning you need. After that however, it is all about the styling products.

To achieve this style, your layers will need to be texturized to provide your medium length locks with piles of body.

Texturizing will also provide your tresses with thickness at the roots providing sultry waves for your hairstyle.

When you are styling this cut, make sure to finish off with an excellent pomade to separate your locks and create the ‘piecey’ look.

Simply rub a dab between your palms, smooth your hands over your hair, and use your fingers to separate your hair as desired.


Try Medium Length Hairstyles For Spring 2007


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Try This Medium Length Hairstyle For Spring 2007

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