Trimming Nose Hair For Men

How To Get Rid Of Nose Hair

Nose hair can be very unattractive and just plain annoying for the men who have it. Men's nose hair seems to grow more as we get older and that is just another thing Mother Nature does to us that we have to find a way to get rid of.

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Nose hair can make you sneeze more, feel itchy and even make you feel like you are allergic to something. However, it is just the hairs in your nose tickling the inside of your nose that causes all of these things.

You may have never had to worry about nose hair before and you suddenly find yourself with it. It happens to a lot of men. Nose hair is actually controlled by your male hormones. As you age your body begins to produce either more testosterone or less female hormones.

The female hormones your body produces helps to balance out your male hormones.

When you age the testosterone can cause your hair follicles in your nose to become more sensitive, and in turn you get a nose full of hair.

Hey, you still have testosterone! You just have some more hair growing out of a place where you want to get rid of it.

As a man you can actually grow one centimeter of hair per month, which is why you need to constantly maintain your nose hair.

If you forget one morning you could walk into work with a loose hair or two and have all of your colleagues looking at you funny. Step in front of a mirror and you might see why.

Trimming Nose Hair For Men
7 Tips To Easily Maintain Your Nose Hair

1. Check Your Nose In The Morning: Yes, every morning you should check to see how your nose hair is doing. It’s not something men want to wake up to, but getting rid of it before you go on with your day can turn out much better than if you didn’t check the mirror.

Just don’t look in the mirror when your eyes are still have closed and your drooling on yourself. Wait until you are alert and then check it out.

2. Keep It Clean: Man, you need to keep your nose clean. I know, it sounds gross, but you need to have a clean nose before you start to trim your nose hairs. Hairs can get bunched together and it is just not good. Try carefully using a cotton swab to separate the hairs before you trim. This will keep your trimmer in good working condition and your nose, well, clean.

3. Give It Your Full Attention: Don’t try to multi task or trim your nose hair in a dimly lit area. Make sure your bathroom is well lit so you can see clearly and concentrate on your nose before you move on to your next morning routine.

4. You Have a Huge Nose: I’m kidding, that is just a magnifying mirror. These mirrors can help tremendously when it comes to trimming something so small and hard to see. It will magnify your nose so you can better see what you are up against.

5. Go Shopping: You need to have a good nose hair trimmer to safely keep those hairs at bay. Nose hair trimmer can be found online or in your local pharmacy for about $20. Follow the directions that come with it to avoid cutting yourself.

6. Choppy, Choppy: Try to avoid tweezers and scissors for getting rid of your nose hairs. This can be painful, cause irritation, and a trip to the hospital. Scissors are just not safe to be sticking them up your nose, and tweezers can cause swelling. Stick with the nose hair trimmer or groomer.

7. Hair Is In: Believe it or not your nose grows hair for a reason. It really does have a purpose. Do not remove all of the hair in your nose, just the ones that can be seen by others. Nose hair works as a filter to eliminate germs, and helps make air intake warmer on cold days.


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Trimming Nose Hair For Men
Trimming Nose Hair For Men

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Trimming Nose Hair For Men

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