Trimming Babys Fingernails

Trimming A Babys FingernailsIt can be daunting to be trimming babys fingernails for the first time. The fingers of a baby are so small and the nails are even smaller. It is natural for you to worry that you might slip and cut your baby.

However, it is essential for the comfort and safety of your baby that you trim their nails on a regular basis.

This is one of the easiest ways for trimming babys fingernails safely, you do the cutting when your infant is in a deep sleep. This way, your baby will not wiggle and the risk of clipping skin is far less.

For a newborn baby, you will want to use the smallest baby nail clippers that you can find. These clippers can be purchased in the baby section of most stores. For safety’s sake, never attempt to cut your newborns nails with your own clippers.

If you would rather not use clippers, you can trim your newborns nails with blunt scissors that again are designed specifically for infants. If possible, even if your infant is asleep, work along with someone else for easier nail trimming.

Have someone hold your newborn while you gently pull the finger pad away from the nail and carefully make the required snips. If you do happen to nick your babies skin, do not worry, almost every parent will do this at least once.

Simply wipe the blood away and offer the wound pressure for a few moments. Once the bleeding has stopped wipe on a small amount of antibiotic cream to ensure the cut remains clean.

When your baby is about three months old, the nail cutting procedure will still be pretty much the same. If your baby will sit still and allow you to cut his or her nails and you feel confident go right ahead.

However, if your baby tends to wiggle and does not like having their nails trimmed, you may wish to wait until they are asleep. You can also opt to trim your infant’s nails while they are eating a bottle if the sucking distracts them from the task at hand.

By the time your child is six months old, it is actually even harder to cut their nails. This is the age where curiosity reigns and your child is very curious and moves around a lot. They are not apt to be sidetracked while their nails are being trimmed.

With six-month-old infants, it is usually a good idea to snip their nails while they are in a deep sleep. Unless of course your infant is the type to allow you to cut their nails while they are awake and will not move about too much.

No matter what the age of your baby, you will still want to use the clippers or blunt scissors that are designed for them. The nails of an infant are a lot thinner then ours and to safely clip their nails, you will want to use products that were made for them. As time goes on, you will become confident with clipping your baby’s nails and it can be a good experience for both of you.


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Trimming Babys Fingernails


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