Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair, What You Use

Men's Hair Removal For Ears

Dude, you have a hair stuck on your ear. Wait a minute. Seriously, you have ear hair. Oh, man.

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Ear Hair Removal

It happens to most men and it can be quite embarrassing. It’s not exactly something you want to talk to your friends about. You just want it gone, right?

You came to the right place. No one has to know. It is a normal part of aging for men. Your hair seems to move from your head to your ears and anywhere else.

There is not really any known cause for this, but a theory says that as you get older the hair follicles in your ears become more sensitive to the testosterone your body is producing.

So, while you do have hair growing out of your ears, you still have that testosterone men need.

Why A Man Should Remove Ear Hair

Ear hair is very unattractive and can get itchy. It can even have en effect on your ability to hear well. It can be unsanitary; because the wax your ears produce can get built up on the hairs. Keep your ears clean and your hearing normal by getting rid of those hairs.

How To Remove Ear Hair For Men ~ Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair

There are many options for removing the hair in your ears, but you do have to be careful. Some men choose to use scissors and a mirror.

While holding the mirror and spotting where the hair is coming from they place the scissors in their ear and snip them off.

This is dangerous, because you could potentially damage your eardrum and ear canal. This is not recommended, but if you want to try it have your doctor help you.

You do not want to make a wrong move and cause serious damage to your ear canal and/or eardrum. Let’s stick to the problem at hand.

Options Or Method To Use For Men’s Ear Hair Removal

There are many methods and techniques for men’s ear hair removal. Nearly all of them are temporary with different methods lasting longer than others. Price will vary too.

Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair Go Pluck Yourself:

Tweezers will do the trick. Yeah, it is going to hurt the first few times. Do you think women really want to tweeze their eyebrows?

You will get used to it if this is the method you choose. You can find a great selection of Tweezerman tweezers online or in stores, try the ones that are straight at the tips and have a good grip.

If you want to tweeze the hairs out of your ears be careful. This is very much less dangerous than the scissors snipping technique, but you should still be careful.

It will take some time to get used to the motions of tweezing, but stick with it and you’ll get used to it. You should check your ears daily or at least every other day and pluck the ones you see.


Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair Get Trim:

There are also ear and nose trimmers that you can get that will do the trick. Ear hair trimmers can be good to get rid of those hairs, but will take as much care as using tweezers.

On the brighter side, using ear hair trimmers will not sting like using tweezers will. They should keep the hairs away just as long, if not longer. Highly recommended is the stainless steel pair by Tweezerman. A Tweezerman set can be quite versatile. You can use them to trim away hair on the back of your neck, your side burns, and even your eyebrows. Yes, you should get rid of that uni brow, too.


Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair Laser Them:

There is also the new technology of laser hair removal. If you just don’t want to be bothered with daily and regular plucking and trimming of your ears you can opt for this treatment. It will last longer than either of the above methods.

You can find a laser hair removal practitioner to get those hairs lasered away. This can even become a permanent method of hair removal so you won’t have to worry about hair coming out of your ears anymore.


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Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair

Trimming And Removing Mens Ear Hair

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