Triangle Face Shape - What Compliments It The Most

The triangle face shape needs the right makeup and jewelry to balance everything out.

It is important to determine what type of face shape that you have so that you can discover the right jewelry and makeup styles for you.

This facial shape is the reverse of the triangular or heart shape usually with a prominent jaw line narrowing at your cheekbones and temple.

Is Your Facial Type Triangular?

Knowing the shape of your face can be a challenging task. However, it is quite possible to do.

The first thing that you should do to accomplish this task is to pull back the hair away from your face. You should then evaluate the shape of your face in a mirror.

Many will outline the face in the mirror with a dry erase marker. If you find that the face is shaped like a triangle, this article is for you.

Your Goal

For triangle shaped faces you want to add width near the jaw line, softly add some fullness to the for head and to create some height at the top.

Styles For A Triangular Face Shape

  • Try for a hairstyle that is worn behind the ears, it will accent your eyes
  • Styles on the shorter side will help balance the jaw line
  • Off center parts, for a little drama and fun try zig zag parts
  • Any type of up do that has lots of texture to the top and sides looks very good on you
  • Wedges and shag styles look terrific on you
  • With a style that is full at the temple and tapers at the jaw line, you achieve balances that can be transforming
  • Fullness at top and sides will balance head shape
  • A soft, slightly asymmetrical fringe will help to disguise your hair line and to shorten face


  • When choosing an up do, choose a style that will give you more height on the crown area
  • If you choose French twists or up dos to that effect, wear full bangs and have height to the top. Leave stray hair out and tuck behind your ears
  • Or angle your wisps toward your face to soften the jawline
  • Any type of updo that has lots of texture to the top and sides looks very good on you

Styles To Avoid For a Triangle Face Shape

  • Any long, full styles that draw attention to your jaw line, if you are going with the long hair, try to keep it tight at the nape area
  • Any style that adds too much height at the crown
  • Avoid styles that will put the weight of the cut at your jaw line or below, this will give the appearance of added weight to your face
  • Center parts will bring attention to the middle of your face and make it appear to be longer, off center parts will work best for you
The Triangle Face Shape

Makeup Tricks

In order to make the most of your makeup with a triangle face shape, it is important to ensure that you learn to broaden the areas that are considered to be “pointed”.

Pressed Powder

You can do this by creating highlights in these areas. Generally, women will use pressed powder that is a bit on the “shiny” side to achieve this effect.

However, if you elect to do this, it is imperative that you work the powder in so that it blends with the rest of your skin.

You so not want to have blotches of pressed powder all over your face. Not only does it look unnatural, but you will find that it actually draws attention to the contours that you are attempting to mask.

When using pressed powder to highlight areas on the face, it is important to focus on certain areas. You should ensure that the powder is placed just under the eyes, as well as on the forehead.

It is also important to place this powder on the cheeks in order to highlight the middle of the face. When applying blush to the cheeks, it is important to ensure that you contour them appropriately.

This will “thin out” the overall width of this area and make the entire face seem a bit more evenly proportioned.

When “masking” the areas that come at a point in the face, it is always important to use natural and/or neutral shades. This will ensure that the effects that you are trying to achieve are not “forced”.

Eyes And Lips

The eyes and the mouth are very important when you have a triangle face shape.

If you make certain that these two facial components are highlighted, and that there is a lot of focus here, it will draw attention away from the sharp points that are often experienced with this particular type of facial shape.

Many will use dark eyeliners and lip liners to bring the attention to the eyes and the mouth. Highlighting the eyebrows can also prove to be extremely beneficial to the triangle face shape.


Angular or squares frames that do not extend past your cheekbones will be your most flattering choice. 

Famous Triangle Shaped Faces

Triangle Kathy IrelandKathy Ireland
Triangle Martine McCutcheonMartine McCutcheon
Triangle Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

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