Tips For Maintaining A Guys Bald Haircut

bruce willis bald styleTips For Guys To Keep A Sleek Shiny Look To Their Bald Haircut

Men, who decide to embrace the bald hairstyle, find themselves having to maintain the sleek, shiny look. Regular shaving becomes a part of their grooming regime.

Shaving your head is not hard at all, but if you are doing it for the first time it may seem a touch daunting.

Whether you are brand new to the world of bald, or have been opting for this style for years, there are tips that can leave you with a smooth, stubble free scalp.

To start with, your hair will need to be trimmed down to stubble. Longer hair makes it harder to shave.

You can have barber or stylist trims it down to stubble, or do it yourself with a set of hair clippers.

Although it does not need to be exactly even, it should be as short as possible

When you're ready to start shaving, soak your hair. Your hair will be softer and easier to cut if you shave it right after a shower.

Wet hair decreases your chances of ingrown hairs.

With your fingers apply a shaving gel and work it into your scalp.

The more your gel is worked in, the better your shave will be.

It will make a difference in the closeness of your shave and how comfortable it feels.

Now it is time to begin shaving.

Start with the hair that is lighter first and areas with more coarse hair such as the back of your head last. This provides your shaving gel with more time to soften.

Shave carefully with slow and even strokes
The closest results are obtained when you shave against the grain and provides you with less chances of skin irritation.

Shave each area of your scalp only one time if possible to prevent irritation and nicks.

If you prepared and shaved your scalp properly, you are not apt to need aftershave. Typically, a quick wash with soap and water followed by toweling your scalp dry should be efficient.

If your scalp is irritated after shaving, use an aftershave lotion or skin care lotion. Keep in mind that after-shave lotions should soothe and help your skin to heal. After shave lotions and skin care lotions that are composed of Aloe Vera or Vitamin E should be effective in promoting abrasions to heal.

Steer clear of products that contain alcohol, as it will dry out your skin.




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Tips For Maintaining A Guys Bald Haircut

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