Tiffany Amber Thiessens Hairstyle

celebrity hairstyles tiffani thiessenTiffany Amber Thiessen has been around Hollywood for a great number of years. In fact, many people watched her come to age on her first hit television show “Saved by the Bell.” Tiffany went on to do movies, and joined the cast of the hugely popular “Beverly Hills 90210“, playing vixen Valerie Malone.

Tiffany has changed her hairstyle and color many times over the years. One component most of her hairstyles contain however is layers. Tiffany knows that layers add depth and movement to your hairstyle and she makes the most of them.

During her “Saved by the Bell” years, Tiffany’s style was that of your typical 1980’s teen. She wore her hair long and full. It suited her well for the times and showed off her thick hair and gorgeous facial features.

By the time that Tiffany arrived in Beverly Hills, her hairstyle was much more mature. She had cropped many inches off of her locks and was sporting a shorter style.

Tiffany enjoys experimenting with her hair and trying out new looks. Luckily, with her beautiful thick locks, and heart shaped face, she looks wonderful in a variety of styles.

For awhile, Tiffany was wearing her locks long and dark. Lengthy razor cut layers were shaped around her face making her look hip and trendy. Her bangs were sheared short but full of volume and brushed to the side.

These bangs are perfect for camouflaging a high forehead. Perhaps bored with her dark tresses, Tiffany colored her locks a soft blonde hue. Her hair was allowed to grow and fall below shoulder level.

Short face framing layers were cut throughout to allow for movement with sections framing her face. Although adaptable for most hair textures, this style will work best on medium to fine hair types.

Once again having fun with color, Tiffany was spotted wearing her locks in a shiny dark brown base color with intense golden highlights. The color was complimented by a simple yet dramatic cut that contained heavy layers throughout to reduce bulk. These layers also create additional texture on the ends.

Although Tiffany has tried many colors and styles throughout the years, the look she seems to keep coming back to is a long layered hairstyle with brow brushing bangs. The bangs can be worn down or swept to the side depending on your mood.


Tiffany Amber Thiessens Hairstyle
Cutting Instructions

To copy this hairstyle of Tiffany’s visit your salon and ask your stylist to
Cut with vertical section to the side parting.
Walk the scissors with a slight elevation down the section.
Walk the scissors down the entire front panel lowering the elevation as you get close to desired perimeter length.
Repeat this process on the other side checking the balance; adjust the scissor position accordingly.
Comb and flip the section, cutting straight on a slow diagonal
Draw hair from in front of the ear with the section.
Repeat on the other side.
Pull down the next section and elevate.
Point-cut to underneath the guide and repeat on the other side.
Remember to include the hair from in front of the ear.
Direct the hair up and slightly back, walk scissors back, cutting from short to long.
Blend the top layer section to base sections
Texturize using scissors tips to blend.

Have Fun Trying Tiffany Amber Thiessens Hairstyle




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