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The Months Of A Year And The Beauty Of Each Season

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As time passes, we find that each month presents us with new delights, celebrations, and moments for reflection and appreciation.

The seasons of our lives are shared with those who are dear to our heart, and each new day brings us opportunities to renew relationships that we treasure.

From family members to friends of old, each month provides new ways to stay in touch with those we value most.

While some months bring with them greater anticipation and excitement than others, each month holds it’s own unique allure and provides many opportunities for cherishing and celebrating love and friendship.

Each month brings a new opportunity to reflect upon memories of family and friends as well as to create new ones.  Take full advantage of each new day to cherish those who matter most in your life.


This Month ~ January

January is bursting with the excitement of innovation and novelty, with the pledge of new beginnings. It is a time for recommitment's and restoring lost relationships, and is also National Letter Writing month. Though quickly becoming a lost practice, receiving a letter from a dear friend helps us hold close those whom we care about. January is the perfect month for restoring friendships through letter writing.

January Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Garnet
Modern Birthstone ~ Garnet
Mystical Birthstone ~ Emerald

January Flower
Carnation or Snowdrop

This Month February

February celebrates romantic love and fervor combined with being National Friendship month.  Continue implementing the art of letter writing from January into February. February also serves as Bake for Family Fun month, and is the perfect opportunity for gathering with friends and family members and sharing precious moments together through baking. 

February Birthstone
Traditional Birthstone ~ Amethyst
Modern Birthstone ~ Amethyst
Mystical Birthstone ~ Bloodstone

February Flower
Violet or Primrose

Valentines Day

Valentines Food Gift
Valentines Food Gift
Use food to make a Valentines gift that will impress, ideas for breakfast food, appetizers, elegant entrees, and decadent desserts


This Month ~ March

March celebrates Women’s History, is National Feminine Empowerment Month and is also Gardening Books Month.  Show the women in your life how important they are to you by sharing your favorite book on gardening or even a book that features friendship, floral, and poetry.

Barbie's Birthday ~ March 9, 1959

March Birthstone
Traditional Birthstone ~ Bloodstone
Modern Birthstone ~ Aquamarine
Mystical Birthstone ~ Jade

March Flower
Daffodil or Jonquil

March Events, Inventions, And Discoveries

Girl Scouts founded in 1912. march 12

March Inventions
The Barbie Doll was introduced on March 9, 1959


This Month ~ April

April follows with National Garden Month as well as Poetry month.  April provides the perfect opportunity to expand upon the seeds you planted in March. National Humor Month also takes place in April so be sure to find funny, witty, and humorous quotes, quips, and notes to share with friends and family members.

April Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Diamond
Modern Birthstone ~ Diamond
Mystical Birthstone ~ Opal

April Flower
Daisy or Sweet Pea

This Month ~ May

May is Older American Month as well as the month where we celebrate Mother’s Day.  During May, we remember our mothers and the impact that she had upon our lives, but we might also recognize older women who have also served as inspirational role models.

Celebrating Mother's Day

Mothers Day History

mothers dayMother's Day At The Spa

A Mother’s Day Spa is an excellent way to treat mom to a day of relaxation and tranquility. One of the great advantages of a Mother’s Day Spa is that you can easily fit a spa into your budget. If you are looking for affordable solutions, you can create your own Mother’s Day gift basket by filling it with spa goodies.
Mothers Day At The Spa


Flowers, A Perfect Way To Say Happy Mother's Day
Mother’s Day flowers are undoubtedly the most popular way that many choose to let their mother know that she is loved, admired, and appreciated. When choosing Mother’s Day flowers it is important to consider the likes, characteristics, and personality traits of the woman who will receive them.
Mothers Day Flowers


Common Questions About Mothers Day


Plant Instead Of Flowers?
Q. Instead of buying my mother flowers for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d get her a plant. What would you recommend that’s pretty but easy to care for?


May Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Emerald
Modern Birthstone ~ Emerald
Mystical Birthstone ~ Sapphire

May Flower
Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn

May Holidays

Mother's Day

This Month ~ June

June is National Candy Month and National Rose Month, in addition to being the month in which we recognize Father’s Day.  When thinking about our friends and family members throughout the month of June, try sending candy, roses, or rose scented gifts such as candles or fragrance.

June Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Alexandrite
Modern Birthstone ~ Pearl ~ Moonstone
Mystical Birthstone ~ Moonstone

June Flower
Rose or Honeysuckle

This Month ~ July

The Fourth of July is the most celebrated day throughout the month, but there are several other monthly observances that take place.  Perfect for cookouts and barbecues, July is National Hot Dog Month, National Baked Beans Month, National Blueberry Month, and National Ice Cream Month.  July 21st celebrates National Hot Dog day and is the perfect time for an outdoor get-together with friends and family members. 

July Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Ruby
Modern Birthstone ~ Ruby
Mystical Birthstone ~ Ruby

July Flower
Larkspur or Water Lily

This Month ~ August

The first Sunday in the month of August is National Forgiveness Day as well as International Friendship Day; and the third week of August is National Friendship Week.  Celebrate and honor your friends on this day while extending forgiveness to someone who has wronged you.

August Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Sardonyx
Modern Birthstone ~ Peridot
Mystical Birthstone ~ Diamond

August Flower
Gladiolas or Poppy

This Month ~ September

September is Self-Improvement month and the perfect time for quiet reflection and commitment to improving your character.  It is also the perfect time to take a class or develop a new hobby that you’ve always dreamt of. 

September Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Sapphire
Modern Birthstone ~ Sapphire
Mystical Birthstone ~ Agate

September Flower
Aster or Morning Glory

This Month ~ October

October is best known for Halloween, but it is also Family History Month.  This is a wonderful opportunity to research your family’s genealogy, to begin a family scrapbook, and to interview older family members and hear their life stories.

October Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Tourmaline
Modern Birthstone ~ Opal ~ Tourmaline
Mystical Birthstone ~ Jasper

October Flower
Calendula or Cosmos

This Month ~ November

November is associated with Thanksgiving and will set the scene for many family gatherings, however, November 13th is World Kindness Day and World Kindness Week begins on the second Monday of November until the following Sunday.  Celebrate World Kindness Day and World Kindness Week with charitable, random acts of kindness.

November Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Citrine
Modern Birthstone ~ Yellow Topaz ~ Citrine
Mystical Birthstone ~ Pearl

November Flower

This Month ~ December

December is a time for people of all faiths to celebrate family, friendship, and love.  It is also National Stress Free Family Holiday Month.  During December, make a point to remember that the true meaning of the holiday spirit is to celebrate the people who surround you.  Stay focused; and take steps to prevent stress during December. 

December Birthstones
Traditional Birthstone ~ Zircon ~ Turquoise ~ Lapis Lazuli
Modern Birthstone ~ Blue Topaz ~ Turquoise
Mystical Birthstone ~ Black Onyx

December Flower
Narcissus or Holly

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