The Popular Inverted Bob Hairstyles

The popular Inverted Bob hair styles are big hair news and this most fashionable haircut is well worth a try.

Calling All Angels
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The Most Asked
For Style

Bob With Punches Of Color

The new bob has edgy styles and variations that men, women, and children are choosing for this year’s cut.

Salons are reporting it as the most asked for style and expect the trend to hold for quite some time.

Wigs and hairpieces cut in the inverted bob are also seeing a huge increase in popularity, the short geometric wig style made popular by Vidal Sassoon in  1960 is again resurfacing.

This layered cut is an excellent choice for baby fine hair and is one of the few times girls with baby fine hair can join in to wear the most popular and trendiest hair style.

Sophisticate to Funky

There are twists to the inverted bob that range from the stylish sophisticate to the funky.

You have lot from which you can choose, from the chic sleek pageboy image or asymmetrical, going as bold as you dare, or something in between.

The bob hair style is also one of the most versatile working with a wide range of hair textures, styles are there for curly, frizzy, straight, smooth, and wavy.

Wear as Your Own

Bob With Highlights

Choose from bobs with highlights, the extremely popular tone-on-tone, coffee and cream, or hair painting in just a few select areas.

Cuts for the Inverted bob range from short, chin length, medium length, and long.

A variation for the longer shoulder length hair is also being seen with a bit more shaggy or choppy layers being cut in.

Knowing you face shape will guide you in choosing the right length for your facial features.

Your stylist will be able to cut and shape for your facial shape and also will be able to cut angles and asymmetrical lines to camouflage or flatter features.

1920 Flare

Lulu Style Bob

The classic bob is a short hair style where your hair is cut all around your head and cut level with the ear lobes.

In the 1920s famous faces to wear this classic bob were actress Louise Brooks and Lulu. There are many opinions as to who did wear it first, Louise or Lulu.

1. Wear Tone on Tone

Coffee And Cream Bob Hair Color

The tone on tone coffee and cream look is set off by the graduated layers. This is the hot look!

2. Work With Your
Natural Texture

Back View Textured Bob

Add interest by adding color and work with hair texture and hair growth pattern. Do not fight it anymore flaunt it!

3. The Beauty Is
In The Lines

Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Use asymmetrical lines with artful cutting to flatter facial and contour facial features.

4. Punch It Up
With Color

Bob With Pink Purple Highlights

Go up to the minute trendy with punches of color in this year’s most popular color tones. Get noticed!

Celebrities and the Popular Inverted Bob Hair Styles

Dorothy Hamill was ahead of her time when she skated in front of millions wearing a smooth bob hairstyle.

Madonna, who sets trends and then drops them the next day has put a bob hairstyle in her look on and off for years.

Jennifer Aniston pre Sedu hair style had worn a textured bob, although it did not have the impact of the Jen's Sedu style it was a great look for her.

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