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The Most Popular Styles Of Bangs And Fringes

Bangs And Fringes Let you Stand Out From The Crowd

There are many ways you can wear a bang or fringe, whether your style is to the side and subtle or sleek or a light wispy pixie fringe, it is the element that you can add to get the wow factor for your style.

A new trendy bang or fringe style can definitely transform your looks,bangs are in and fringes are in, go very curly and messy or very straight and tame.

A little more daring? Go for the new short choppy bang or a long sexy look.

Even more Daring? The updated asymmetricals go right off the hair style edge.

Make your choice by knowing your face shape and then choosing a bang style that will maximize your assets and minimize any facial flaws.

Following are the many styles and variations of the popular bangs and fringes that you can choose from
Bangs For Wavy Hair

Fringes For Curly Hair And Wavy Hair

The bangs can be left in the natural state of curl or wave, cutting just enough to control shape for a soft romantic look.

Your options for straight bangs are mixed bangs, blow drying straight or thermal hair straightening.

The new asymmetrical and angular cuts will not show the definition they are meant to have in most curly hair textures.

Bangs With Blue Tips

Bangs And Fringes For Straight Hair

If your goal is to soften straight hair that looks a bit too severe, the new shorter and blunter bangs and fringes would be your best choice.

To sexy your hair up or to add a focal point, try the new hair hand painting,

BayLage can add subtle under highlights or dramatic and bold color accents. Choose by mood

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Bangs And Fringes For Stronger Facial Features

If you have distinct features that are angular or lean a swept style bang will soften and reduce the prominence.

Texturing or feathering only your bangs is another choice for a softening effect and for creating the illusion of length.

This is what is known as mixed bangs.

Very Short Fringe

Very Short Bangs And Fringes

The very short bangs at one time were only worn with an equally short pixie cut.

The look was cute, but styles now have turned to the dramatic and bold.

If you want to feature your great big eyes or your perfect complexion, this is your bang.

Use face shape here as a guide, the shorter your bang, the more of an allusion of length is created by it.

Classic Blunt Bangs

Classic Blunt Bangs And Fringes

This is perhaps the bang that created the comeback of bang popularity after it was first worn by runway models. The look was fresh and new and we loved it.

It emphasize eyes, you may want to up your eye makeup skills as it does make the eyes a focal point. This is the basic bang, with edges just touching skimming the eyes.

Add any texture, color, or styling techniques that appeal to you and would work with your life style.

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Highlighted Bangs And Fringes

Some color techniques are applied to bangs be functional, such as adding highlights, streaks, or low lights that will visually " thicken baby fine hair".

If your hair is one all over color adding bang color can add interest and a focal point.

Fun is a major choice as well, and for the younger woman or teen the variations are endless.

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Party Bangs And Fringes

You can add anything to your bangs that you would otherwise wear in the length of your hair, just do so with accessories on a smaller scale.

The new slides are proportioned for bang wear, but with imagination, anything can be utilized.

Try making your own bang adornments as well, hot gluing any little find to a clip or slide, fun to use: buttons!

Visit a fabric store and see the selection, choose from little yellow duckies in the kids buttons to fabulous pearls in ladies.

Shattered Bangs

Shattered Bangs And Fringes

The shattered or disconnected bangs are created by having extreme angles that drop sharply from side to side.

A more drastic variation is cutting blunt edges into the bang area at unusual locations and unexpected lengths.

Side Parted Bangs

Parted Bangs And Fringes

This bang or fringe is very easy to achieve, it is a slightly modified version of blunt bangs, being cut so the bangs part part slightly to one side or part directly in the middle.

This bang can be very pretty and soft when worn with loose updos hair styles.

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Side Swept Bangs And Fringes

This bang, although not exactly mainstream is a very classy and elegant look.

Woman in their forties and fifties seem to look particularly elegant with this style. The bang is cut to let the hair softly taper from a shorter length to a longer lengths.

A part is created a little higher and the hair is then left to fall forward across your forehead. This style of bang has a lot of movement and can be a great choice for thick hair.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs And Fringes

If your goal is to define or increase depth to your facial features, this style is a good choice.

This is another variation of the classic blunt bang but these will be cut in with scissors and then texturizing is used to create the choppy effect.

Adding touches of color can create some very dramatic results.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Asymmetrical Bangs And Fringes

This style of bang is created by cutting uneven lengths, the middle may be cut shorter than each side or one side may be cut shorter than the other.

The differences can be extreme or very subtle depending on the look you want to achieve.

Extreme Asymmetrical Bangs

Extreme Asymmetrical Bangs And Fringes

The asymmetrical bang and fringe is taken to extreme levels.

If you want a look that is funky and out there, this is definitely your bang style.

Anything goes here and anything you can imagine for shapes and angles can be cut in by your stylist.

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