The Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles

Sides flipped ouThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles — are easy to design and can be casual or formal. Sedu flat irons can take you from curly to straight in record time and give you the results of shiny smooth hair.

This Sedu Hair Style is for the young hearted and the young at heart, it moves well with an energetic woman. The style is smooth, sleek and straight with just enough flip at the ends to give you and your hair do a young look.

Your sedu hair iron is the perfect tool to use to" flip" your hair to create today’s new trendy flip that sticks almost straight out.

When the Flip was the rage in the sixties the flip curled over on itself, you do not want to flip your ends this high. Apply a mousse or gel from the roots of your hair to the ends.

Blow dry then comb your hair away from your face and use your sedu flat iron to create the desired flip at the ends.
Finish with a light gloss or shine spray. We found Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hair Spray to be professional high-humidity formula that shapes, holds, protects hair, helps combat frizz, and dries ultra-fast.


Sedu long flipped hairstyle


The Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
The Very Sleek Flip In


This flip adds body to the hair style and is a wonderful alternative for older women who do not want the Aniston or Lopez straighter than straight looks and is one of the most popular Sedu hair styles.

You can finish this with the lightest touch of hair of finishing spray.

Simply follow the directions above for Flip Out and reverse, turning under about 1-2 inches.






Sedu classic chignon hairstyleThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
The Very Classic Chignon

A classic yesterday, today and for hair style future. The chignon will always be a staple for hair styles, it's versatility alone carries it on as a favorite.

It is the choice of the feminine, the ballet, the wedding and the evening gown. It looks polished and professional when paired with a business suit or for serious settings. This style is extremely flattering to a woman with an oval face shape.

It is also a lifesaver for women with natural curly hair on those rainy days when hair left down can curl or spread two feet wide in three seconds flat.

You can play sports in this hair style go home tuck a few silk flowers in and then go out for dinner. That's an impressive hair style!
To create this style quickly and easily follow the preparation steps for your hair as above.

Then use your brush to smooth your hair into a low pony tail and designing hair close to sides and face, not too puffy, if you want the really sleek look.
To help hair hold it's form a light mist of hair spray can be applied More Chignon HairStyles


Hollywood Sedu HairstyleThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
Very Sexy Waves

It makes us think of classic movies and the classic beauties who starred in them, Lauren Becal, Betty Davis, Lana Turner,Veronica Lake.

To create deep waves, shampoo, blow dry as in basic instructions.
Straighten with your Sedu flat iron and you will then use your curling iron.
When your hair is completely cool spritzing a small amount of hair spray to hold the curls that are about to come.
Next divide hair into several sections and wrap each section around the curling iron, curling your hair in different directions.
A 2 Inch Curling Iron by Hot Tools is a jumbo size curling iron that features high power, instant heat for consistent, dependable results on any type of hair.


It is a perfect choice for this hair style. Make sure you are curling only the bottom area of each section; if you curl the sections all the way up, you’will lose the straight sleekness of this look completely.
Let the curls stand to cool completely.
Spritz lightly once more, and then separate the curls with a pick or using your fingers.
The Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles


Sedu casual updoThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
Variation Messy Twist Sleek Side-Part

Blow-dry,now you want to add some texture.just apply a very small amount of pomade or styling wax to your hair coating lightly, less can be more with these products.
Next you part your hair to the side, using this natural guide, follow the line of where the outside corner of your eye is.
The model in this photo has hers slightly more to the left and to the inside of her eye. Experiment a few different lines to see which flatters your facial shape the most.
Start with the hair on the high part at the crown of your head, combing the front section of your hair forward, over your forehead.
Using your fingertips,a pick, or comb shape the rest of your hair into place, just enough, remember these hairstyles have Messy in their name.
Go for the feel of soft, natural,and "just got out of bed and always look this great."



Sedu hairstyle updoThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
Party Hair, Up Dos, Special Occasion Messy Twist

Use it for your biggest party of the year or a quick run to the supermarket, extremely easy to design and extremely easy to wear.
First pull the side section of your hair nearest to your face towards your mirror.
Now twist the back section of your hair, and secure in place with pins.
Pull shoulder side section of your hair, twist it, attach to back twist and secure with pins.
Now just use a rat tail comb to pull out three hair sections near the top sides of your hair.
You can leave as is letting your natural highlights and the folds of hair accent the style, or you can adorn to your hearts content with hair jewelry and hair accessories.



Long bob sedu hairstyleThe Most Popular Sedu Hair Styles
The Jennifer Aniston Classic

This popular hair style is also the quickest to achieve, usually under ten minutes. Any age group can wear this hair style and with any out fit.

To create this classic Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez Sedu hair style:
Start with fully dry hair straightening your hair almost straight with just the slightest turn under, you do not want stick straight or a full roll, just that gentle shape in between.
Then part your hair dead center, a good guide to use is to take a long tailed comb and trace a long comb over your forehead from the tip of your nose and back through your hair.
Now starting at the front of your part, glide the comb back through your hair when you have a large amount of hair caught smoothly whip your comb to one side, the part forms and you can then selectively arrange any stray hairs with the point of the comb tail

This should be your center , this style can be easily varied to suit your face shape with a part off to the right or left instead of dead center.



More Style You Can Create With The Sedu Flat Iron


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