The Easy Medium Length Hairstyle

There are many different medium hairstyles that fit various facial shapes and features ranging from everyday looks, to business styles, to very formal.

The key to a great medium hairstyle is finding one that is easy to maintain, versatile and fun.

The simple flow down hairstyle is so popular because it is very simple to wear. It is as easy as its name. All you do is allow your hair to flow down with either bangs or parted with additional waves, ringlets, or curls at the ends.

This look takes almost no time to accomplish. The added bonus is that you look professional and put together with just mere moments in front of the mirror.

The medium layered Bob is such a classic style. You can wear it with or without bangs for added variation. This easy medium haircut is often infused with longer layers throughout.


Very light layers can be found on top to add fullness if desired. Layers in the lower two inches can be used to create a fun and funky flip to the style.

If you do want to wear your layered Bob in a flip, simply apply some firm Styling Foam and dry it from underneath to let the ends to flip outward. Use hair cream or hair wax afterward to separate the layers and add texture.

Styling the layered Bob at home is very easy and takes almost no time at all.
list icon Use a firm styling foam.
list icon Blow-dry your hair from underneath, allowing the ends to flip out if desired.
list icon Use a large curling iron on the top to give it shape.
list icon Use a medium iron on the rest to curl the ends slightly.
list icon Spray it with a flexible hold hairspray to hold the bangs in place if you have them.

Spray the back and sides lightly to hold the shape of the flip.

Everybody’s favorite female lawyer Calista Flockhart has always worn her medium length hair with amazing style.

Her easy medium hairstyle will work with most face shapes. However, they style does work best on those with curly or wavy hair.

To get Calista’s easy medium hairstyle, visit your salon and ask for a long layered shoulder length cut that features bangs that can be combed either back or across the forehead.

calista flockhart hairstyle
Calista Flockhart Style
The additions of long face framing layers will both accent and soften facial features
Once you have this fabulous, easy medium hairstyle, maintaining it is so easy.
It will take only a short time out of your day to style, however you will look as smashing as if you spent hours primping in front of a mirror.

Styling Steps
list icon Using fingers, apply a small amount of gel or mousse through damp hair
list icon Comb hair into place and allow to air dry
list iconIf extra volume is desired, use a blow dryer on low while scrunching hair with your fingers
list icon Once the hair is dry you can define the waves or curls with spray gel, scrunching them into shape with your fingers
list icon Finger comb hair
list icon Spray lightly with hairspray for hold.



The Easy Medium Length Hairstyle


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The Easy Medium Length Hairstyle

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