The Airbrush Tan, Get The Sun From A Spray!

Done at home or in a air brush tanning salon, the airbrush tan is hot and the sunless tan from a spray.

As much as we all love the look of a golden, bronzy tan, most folks have agreed that in this day and age, it's not only smarter but necessary to find alternative means of getting the look.

Airbrush sunless tanning is atop the newest and hottest wave of methods to get an even, beautiful all-over tan without running the risk of any sun damage.

Airbrushing consists of a compressor that pushes air and color through an airbrush, and if properly prepared for, the process can last five to ten days and take only about ten to fifteen minutes to apply.

Airbrush tanning can be achieved most easily by visiting the local air brush tanning salon and leaving it to a professional.

For those with a more DIY nature, there are many retailers with airbrush kits simple enough for at-home use, or in the hands of a skilled pal.

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Airbrush Tan Kits And Sets

You can purchase compressors, airbrushes, cleansers, bronzers and sunless tanners in pieces or as a set for the airbrush tan.

Some of the higher end brands in kits that include just about everything are Key West Rayz which is an oil-free single piston unit compressor or the ultra quiet Professional Airbrush Tanning System, both of which can be yours for around $400-$500.

Going down the line, brands like Silver Jet and HVLP Nuress run between approximately $200, and the far more reasonably priced Visage Naturel and Body Rage can be had for less than $50, and might be the best idea for beginners.

Also check out drug stores for small compressed spray cans of airbrush, but do not plan on this tan lasting too long.

Whether you decide to try it at home or head off to the salon, be sure to do all the necessary preparation to ensure that you end up with a long-lasting, natural looking glow!

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The Airbrush Tan
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The Airbrushed Tan