The 1960 Bouffant Hairstyle

The 1960 Bouffant Hairstyle and Beehive hairstyles were all the rage for women of all ages and it seemed the higher the hair, the happier the woman.

For a large portion of the 1960's, big hair was in.

The 1960 Bouffant hairstyle was made popular in large part thanks to Jackie Kennedy, the first lady. The hairstyle caught on and swept through Hollywood with women all over the world quickly catching on to this hairstyle fad.

The Bouffant was thought to be ideal because it always looked glamorous. This hairstyle became tantamount with elegant evening and glamorous events.

The Bouffant seemed to be the perfect hairstyle to accompany formal gowns mini dresses and in fact, called attention to a woman no matter what she was wearing.

modern 1960s bouffant hairstyle

By 1964 or so, schoolgirls had taken the 1960 Bouffant and created their own, somewhat updated version, known as the Beehive.

At night before bed, girls would set their hair in very large rollers using a gel solution to achieve the sky-high hair this look called for.

Some girls with extremely curly hair would use old grapefruit cans instead of rollers to set their locks.

The Bouffant reached its peak by the mid 1960's and it seemed a large amount of women were clamoring to sport this style.

Creating a1960 Bouffant or Beehive hairstyle was no easy task and required a lot of styling effort by the women who wore them.

A large number of women opted to visit the salon weekly to have a beautician mold their locks into a Bouffant, however, many women learned to create this look by themselves at home.

To fashion the 1960 Bouffant hairstyle, the hair was wound around rollers and the women then sat under a hooded dryer.

hard plastic retro hair rollers scarve

It was also completely acceptable to cover those pink sponge or super sized hard plastic hair rollers with a nylon or chiffon scarf and go to town to do errands.

When the hair was fully dry, it was back combed to provide maximum height.

The Bouffant hairstyle was held together with a new product on the market known as hair spray.

A Classic Jackie Kennedy Style
Iconic Bouffant Hairstyle

bouffant hairstyle jackie kennedy

By 1964 the number one hair product on the market was hair spray and some beauticians even made their own blends with water and sugar.

all back 1960 bouffant hairstyle

Hairspray would be a must for this
all back Bouffant style!

Hairpieces became a component used to make women's beehives even bigger. Postiches, cascades, and falls were worn with adornment to add quick fixes to Bouffant and Beehive hairstyles.

The Dynel Hair Piece

In the late 1960's, the big hair fashion fad was to wear a Dynel. A Dynel was synthetic hair that a woman would take to a wig or department store and a technician would blend the Dynel to match the ladies hair.

It was then braided, wound around stuffing and pinned to the top of the head.

For some women however, especially younger teens, the 1960 Bouffant hairstyle and Beehive was not the look they were wanting.

In 1961 some girls opted to tame their locks without products such as hair spray. Instead they used barrettes and ribbons to keep their tresses in place and to create pretty hairstyles.

Often times they curled their hair and wound the locks into a bun or a coil and used hairpins to hold the style in place. Typically, a short bang or fringe went along with this look.

bouffant hairstyle 1960

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The 1960 Bouffant Hairstyle
Author: Tanna Mayer
May 20, 2015

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