Teri Hatcher Makeup Tips

Teri Hatcher Hairstyle And MakeupThe casual chic look that Teri Hatcher sports can be yours with cosmetics from Benefit. Teri looks delightfully put together, yet simplistic enough for an afternoon at the mall. This look will appeal to women all over the world and can be obtained thanks to Benefit.

Teri knows how to use make-up to play up her best features. Highlight your features using the cosmetics from Benefit.

Teri’s cosmetics are skillfully applied to showcase the best angles of her face. You too can look amazing and copy Teri’s look using products available from Benefit.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but having beautiful eyes like Teri’s will make you stand out in a crowd.

Eye bright can be used to refresh sleepy looking eyes.

If you’re in need of a freshly rested look like Teri’s, this creamy eye pencil will help conceal while brightening and lifting your eyes.

After your other make-up is in place, draw 3 to 4 short strokes in the space between the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye where most shadows linger.

Draw a light line from the outer corner of your eye up and toward the end of your brow. Allow traces of the soft pink color to remain.

Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles

Circles and shadows around your eyes will be a thing of the past when you use boi-ing. This strong concealer masks trouble areas without creasing, smearing, or rubbing off. Add 3 dots under your eye area where dark circles reside. Pat gently to blend with your fingertips. Work from the outer and inner corner towards the middle.

Teri’s eyes have a smoky, exotic look that is possible for you to recreate. mr. frosty makes you like wide-eyed and ready to face the day- even when you are not! Sexy eyes are seconds away, simply draw this white pencil along the inner ridge of your lower lash line.

Want a soft shimmer for your eyes like Teri’s? Fine, loose, gleaming powders for eyes, cheeks and lips can be yours with show off eye shadows. Use your fingers or a brush that has been moistened with water and paint your lids to perfection.

Even when cruising the mall on a casual afternoon, you want kissable lips like Teri’s. Create a lip smacking, sensational look with her glossiness.

Available in four scrumptious shades this high shine lip-gloss formulated with jojoba oil will leave your lips smooth and tantalizing.

Teri’s skin seems to glow, and yours can too. With georgia by Benefit, your flesh will look caressed by the sun, even indoors. Lightly dust this peaches and cream powder over your skin paying attention to the apples of your cheeks for a warm, lovely glow. Feel free to dust this powder on your eyelids as well.


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It's All About Having Fun And Feeling Great! We agree that the whole reason behind makeup should be to make us feel good, and when you do feel good, it's beautiful...so go ahead and smile…makeup is finally what it is supposed be.

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Teri Hatcher Makeup Tips

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