Teens Short Bob For Spring 2007, Hillary Duff Style

hillary duffs bob hairstyleSpring is a special time for many teens. There is so much to look forward to after the cold, dreary months of winter. Walks outside, formal dances, and maybe picnic’s in the park with your friends. Whatever your plans are for Spring, a short Bob haircut will leave you looking your best.

It seems like teens are always on the go. Between school, jobs, friends and dates, there is always something to do.

Every teen girl loves to look her best, yet she often finds herself pressed for time between engagements. A simple short Bob hairstyle will compliment any occasion while being so easy to maintain.

Teens Short Bob For Spring

The right short length Bob hairstyle will make you look youthful yet mature. It will trendy, flirty and fun. A suitable Bob short length Bob haircut will flatter a teen’s personality, facial features and hair type.
The best Bob hairstyles are easy to care for. Allowing you to do what you need to and still look amazing with minimal touch-ups throughout the day.

Your short Bob haircut will be able to take you from your desk to the gym, to you’re after school job to a date with ease.
Popular teen sensation Hilary Duff is a hair trendsetter. She has been seen wearing her Bob everywhere from shopping to fashion shoots.

Today’s teen knows that she can look just as amazing this Spring in a Bob hairstyle like Hilary’s.

Although Hilary Duff’s Bob hairstyle works best on hair that is straight and fine, with minor modifications, almost every hair type can have a cut like this.

This style is ideal to showcase oval and rectangular face shapes and looks stunning on teens with small facial features.

However, adjustments made to suit your face shape and features are entirely possible. Request that your stylist cut your Bob to just above shoulder length.

You will want long layers that will frame your face and a contoured crown. Your Bangs should be cut long, to just a few inches above the bottom of your hair.

This will allow you to tuck them behind your ears or sweep them to the side.
The sides of this short length Bob should be shorter than the back to allow volume in the cut and to frame your face.

Styling Technique For Featured Short Bob

Styling Steps Wash hair with products designed for your hair type and condition. You can try Fresh Soda Shampoo.
Styling Steps Apply a dab of styling mousse with your fingers.
Styling Steps If your hair is wavy, disperse a small amount of straightening balm throughout your tresses.
Styling Steps Section your locks and use a round brush while blow-drying. Lift at the roots for volume.
Styling Steps When your hair is fully dry, use a large barreled styling iron to turn the ends out.
Styling Steps Apply a small amount of pomade throughout your hair to create a textured effect.
Styling Steps With pomade on your fingers, brush your bangs to the side.
Styling StepsMist with hairspray for hold.

Teens Short Bob For Spring 2007

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hillary duff hairstyles

hillary duff hairstyles

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Teens Short Bob For Spring 2007

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