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Teens Short Blunt Bob Makeover

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You may think that when your locks are already cropped short, that redoing your whole look is impossible. Thankfully though, as this young model has discovered you can totally revamp your look no matter what your hair length is. A blunt Bob with bangs is an ideal hairstyle for completely transforming your image.

teen girls bob hairstyle makeover before picturesThe blunt Bob hairstyle can be achieved with slight modifications no matter what type of hair you have. However, it is perfect for hair that is already straight or contains only a slight wave. There are so many varieties to each Bob hairstyle, and the blunt Bob with bangs that this model sports is no exception. The short, blunt Bob haircut is one of the most timeless looks in history, and is flattering to many face shapes.

It can be worn with or without bangs. In fact, bangs can be used by those who have a long forehead to make it appear shorter. This young model loved the short, blunt Bob hairstyles she saw in magazines, however, the blunt style of the haircut and the harder line created by the basic blunt style did not fully appeal to her playful personality.

She decided to go for a softer, smoother style by having her stylist use a razor to texture the ends of her haircut. Razor texturing and bangs create a more youthful, flirty hairstyle that suits her needs. Styling this short blunt haircut could not be easier. This sixteen year old can salon beautiful tresses in no time at all, right in the comfort of her own bedroom.


styling steps

style stepsWash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.
Towel dry your locks.
style stepsUse your fingers to work a small amount of styling gel throughout your hair.
style stepsIf your locks are wavy or curly, apply a dab of straightening balm.
style steps Detangle and distribute product evenly throughout your tresses with a wide toothcomb
style steps Use a round brush while blow-drying, lifting slightly at the roots if desired for volume.
Use the brush to dry your ends under.
style steps When dry, work a small amount of pomade through your tresses with your hands.
style steps Use a straightening iron if desired for a sleek, smooth look. A large barreled curling iron can be used to turn ends under or flip ends out for a flirty look.
style steps Mist with spray shine for a glossy finish.
style steps Spritz with hairspray for hold

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