Teens Pixie Haircut Makeover With A Long Side Fringe

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This teen model loves wearing her short haircut in an edgy style and the modified pixie haircut provides her with the touch of funk that she needs. A modified Pixie haircut is perfectly suited to show off this young model’s features.

Recently, she saw young movie star Natalie Portman sporting a cute pixie haircut.

Although Natalie’s pixie was not exactly what this sixteen year old girl was looking for, she new that the cut and style could be modified to suit her needs and hair type.

It does not matter if your tastes are conservative or daring, there is a variation of the short, pixie hairstyle for you!

A pixie, is a short cut that contains a large number of eye-catching layers.

These layers, along with the proper styling products can make your pixie cut pop!

Closely cropped layers framing the face and laying close on the sides and back of the head, are the main features of a pixie haircut.

Even though it is cropped very short, as this model knows, the pixie haircut is full of styling versatility. She can wear her short pixie cut to school, the movies, and the gym and on dates with ease.
Although with a short pixie haircut, you are afforded the luxury of a wash and wear look, you can make use of styling products to create a variety of interesting hairstyles.

Unlike many other short hairstyles, you are not limited to just one look with the pixie. For a pizza night out with the girls this weekend, this sixteen-year-old model has opted to style her pixie cut in a funky, fabulous hairdo.






Teens Pixie Haircut Makeover Styling Steps

Styling Steps Shampoo and condition your hair with products that are formulated for your hair type and texture.
Styling Steps Towel dry and apply a firm hair gel or styling foam with your fingers through damp locks.
Styling Steps Use a blow dryer and your fingers to lightly scrunch your locks for volume.
Styling Steps While drying, direct your hair away from your face on the sides and top.
Styling Steps Use a styling wax to direct your fringe to the side.
Styling Steps Rub a small amount of pomade in your hands and use your fingers to create a funky edge to your hairstyle.
Styling Steps Spritz with shine for a glossy effect.
Styling Steps Mist with hairspray for hold.




Teens Pixie Haircut Makeover

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