Teens Makeover For Frizzy Hair

This teens makeover for frizzy hair helps a girl smooth out those unruly locs. This sixteen-year-old model is ready for a change.

She is tired of her wild curly style and wants to try something new. She doesn't know if it is possible to take her frizzy locks and make them shiny and straight.

Naturally curly hair can seem overwhelming. However, with the proper hair products, styling tools and tips, you can smooth your locks into a sleek, glossy style.

It is important to use a great anti frizz styling product on your locks. Bear in mind that you will need to use a straightening iron on your locks for smooth, manageable tresses.

It is very essential that you use a good blow dryer and flat iron when straightening your hair.

As well as high quality hair brushes. This young teenage model will be ready for any occasion with her shiny, long, soft look.

Straightened locks are fun and suitable for anything. You too can straighten your curly hair like this teen girl.

frizzy hair before makeover

Our Model's Hair Before

Frizzy Hair After Makeover

Our Model's Hair After

teens before and after makeover

Makeover For Frizzy Hair

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition and towel dry gently.

Apply gel to the roots of your hair with your fingers

Apply a good leave in conditioner

Distribute a small amount of smoothing serum throughout your locks.

Working from side to side, use a rounded brush and blow your hair dry.

Use the brush to lift your hair slightly at the roots while drying for extra volume.

When your hair is fully dry, work in small sections around your head with a straightening iron, Start at the crown, and gently slide the iron down your locks to the roots.

Work around your entire head until all the hair is straight. Rub a small amount of pomade in your palms and smooth your hands over your hair.

This will add shine to your style and prevent flyaway hair. This model loves her straight new hairstyle.

This frizzy hair makeover may take some time to achieve this look, but she knows the results are well worth it!

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Teens Makeover For Frizzy Hair
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 23, 2015

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