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Teens love to be hip and trendy. They want to be up on the latest hair, skin, and prom advice to name just a few. Although they love to look their best, the teens of today are incredibly busy with school, social activities and jobs. They do not have a lot of spare time for fussing over their looks.

The right tips and tools can provide them with the information they need to look and feel great in as little amount of time as possible. There are such a wide variety of hairstyles available for both male and female teenagers. No matter what your hair type, face shape or lifestyle.

If you want a cut that is trendy and hip, or if you lean more towards a conservative, clean cut style, there is something for you. Many of the haircuts that are all the rage at the moment are trendy because they can be individualized.

With only a few moments spent in front of the mirror using the right styling tools and hair products, you can put your own spin on the latest hip hairstyle.

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It is not just girls that want advice on hair and skin routines. More and more, we are finding that male teens want to look their best too. The styling products available on the market today are often unisex so that guys can look just as stylish as girls can.

Along with a funky hairstyle goes great grooming and skin care. Dealing with problem skin and often issues like acne plague many teenagers. Knowing how to fight your troubled areas and battling grooming issues is of interest to most teenagers.

The right products, used properly on your skin can leave you looking fresh and clean. It is important that you know your skin type so that you can use the products that are designed just for you.

There are few events that create as much excitement in a teenager’s life as their prom. For this special night you want your hair, skin, makeup and overall style to make you shine like never before.

With the right styling and hair tips, you can be a star on this wonderful evening. Teenagers often follow trends. Although that is not always a bad thing, it is not always helpful either.

There are some hip web sites out there that are very popular with teens such as My Space. These web sites offer advice on grooming, hair and other teen issues.

However, sometimes a teen needs to break away from hearing what everyone else is doing and just be provided with brief, proper information that will work the best for him or her.

After all, looking your very best often boils down to being unique and individual so you are creating the style that is best suited for you.

Alternative Hairstyles

Faux Hawks The Alternative Mohawk

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is a hot trendy look for both men and women. This hairstyle is very versatile and possible to mimic on any hair length. Faux Hawks are typically short on the sides and back, medium length on top pushed up in a Mohawk direction.

Alternative Hair Styling Products

See what products to use to style alternative hairstyles like Emos, Mohawks, little rockabilly, and Bettie Page bangs 

Choppy Punk Haircuts 

Add choppy layers to any length hairstyle to give it a little punk attitude. These choppy haircut pictures will inspire you to find your own look. 

Mohawk Hairstyles For Women And Girls

Learn how to create a Chelsea Mohawk Hairstyle 

Mohawk Hairstyles Gallery 

Pictures and slide show of girls Mohawk hairstyles 

Mohawk Hair Up dos

Formal and funky, Mohawk up do hairstyles, Fantasy Mohawks are interesting and extreme. If you love wearing your locks in a bold and interesting hairstyle, Fantasy Mohawks are the perfect choice.  

Punk Hairstyles Gallery

Punk Hairstyles Gallery Punk hairstyles for girls are alternative hairstyles that are fun, unique, funky, view punk hair pictures and picture you punk! 

Punk Hair Dye 

A hairstyle gallery featuring punk hairstyles with bold color combinations. 

Girls Short Spiked Hair - Show Your Style 

Short spiked hair become a favorite style for women and girls in past years. It looks edgy and is so easy to style. Short spiked hair can be worn for work and dressy occasions just as well as the fussier hairstyles. 

Emo Hairstyles

Long Emo Hairstyles 

Learn how to style Hayley Williams long Emo hairstyle. As lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams hairstyle is a popular Emo to try. 

Jill's Emo Hair Style 

View Jills Emo and how she styles it with shaggy messy buns and pigtails

Emo Bangs Emo Fringes

Keep Emo bangs and fringes fun, play with color, texture, styling products to create your look and style of emo bang of fringe

Emo Glasses Goggles And Frames

The Emo culture has a style that is very unique right down to glasses or as the Emo say, goggles as Buddy Holly would say, frames

How To Style Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are a great way to play around with your look. They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. Styling and color tips for emos.

Cutting A Emo Haircut 

The emotional haircut. emo hairstyles are personalized, trendy, funky and unique, this is how to cut emo or punk type hair

Emo Hairstyles And Haircuts For Guys

Emo hairstyles and haircuts for guys can be subtle, layered like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy or extreme Emo with color, highlights and shaving.


Get A Little Emo Makeup And Fashion Going For Fall Featuring Band AFI 

Goth Hairstyles And Makeup

Cyber Goth

Cyber Gothic look is a subsection of Goth all about too big, too much, too bright, cyber goths like a flashy look at me style.


The band the Cramps originated Gothabilly as a movement, and the fashion and style was highly influenced by the fun, fetishy outfits and dark, glammy makeup worn by the girls as well as the boys in the band. 

Gothic Lolita 

Gothic Lolita is a style that originated in Japan, and is still enormously popular there.  A spin-off of true and traditional Goth fashion that blends together with little girl cutesy gear, it’s instantly recognizable.

Teen Girls Celebrity Hairstyles

Teen Girls Hairstyles

Pre-Teens Thick Hair 

A layered and sliced bob hairstyle takes the bulk out of thick hair, leaving a hairstyle that is easy to style and to control. 

Teens Short Bob For Spring 2007

Start spring 2007 with a new short bob hairstyle that is trendy flirty and fun, great new short bobs for teen girls on the go

Hair Stencils 

When you want a temporary change to your look with a dramatic flair, try using hair stencils. Using stencils to create a new hairstyle is easy and very low in cost. Your new look will be cool, contemporary and completely funky. 

Teen Boys Hairstyles

Angel Curls 

If you are a guy with natural curly hair this article will help you keep it styled in a halo angel curls 

Asian Guys Hairstyles 

Try this easy style for thick Asian hair, the trick is using styling wax.

Layered Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

Since one of the first things that is noticed on someone is their hair, you want to make a good impression. However, most young males lead a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to spend hours in front of a mirror styling their hair each day. A simple layered hairstyle with a fringe can create the illusion of you having spent a lot of time fussing with your look, without you actually having to!

Mohawks Guys Hairstyles That Get Noticed

Mohawks have been around for a large number of years. Traditionally thought of as hairstyles only worn by rockers, punks or even Goths, they are now making a comeback and more guys than ever are wearing them.

Guys Update Your Hairstyle With Layers And Fringes

Often times you may find yourself tired of your current look and desire a change to your hairstyle. Adding layers and fringes to a short hairstyle 

Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

Short And Spiky, the perfect-cropped short haircut for teenage guys who lead an active life Pictures and photos of short spiky hairstyles and haircuts

Teenage Boys Short Haircuts And Hairstyles Gallery

Teen boys demand hairstyles and haircuts that look good, short hairstyles and haircuts for teens offer fabulous styles, view free picture gallery for new ideas

Teen Guys Hair Styles For Short Thick Hair

Thick hair?, a good idea to keep it short and to wear your hair in a style with layers, short hair style ideas, pictures and easy style tips for guys thick short hair

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