Teens Long Curly Hairstyle Makeover


There is a big dance coming up at her high school Friday night and this young model wants to look amazing. She is tired of her current hairstyle and wants to try something bold and flirty.

Although she wants a dramatic new look for the night, the teenage girl is not sure she wants to change her hairstyle for good.

It is not always easy to cut your long locks. Instead of visiting your salon for a haircut, you can always opt to play with styling products and tools to create temporary new looks.

The loose curly hairstyle she decided to wear will be perfect for dancing the evening away. This hairstyle is young and fun, yet flirty and romantic.

With the proper styling products she will have plenty of time to style her hair after school without missing a minute of the dance.

The soft, flowing curls and long side swept bangs are ideal for showing off this teenage girls beautiful, wide-set eyes and delicate facial features.

For your next dance or event, you too can have this glamorous, curly hairstyle.



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Teens Long Curly Hairstyle Makeover Styling Steps

style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your current hair type.
style steps Apply a dollop of mousse to towel dried hair and distribute the product evenly with a wide toothed comb
style steps Blow your hair dry, using a brush to lift the roots for extra volume.
style steps When your locks are fully dry, mist lightly with a spray gel to promote hold.
style steps With a large barreled curling iron, work in small sections around your head and curl pieces of your hair into loose ringlets.
style steps When all of your hair is curled, shake your head gently and arrange curls as desired with your fingers.
style steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.





Teens Long Curly Hairstyle Makeover Styling Products

Mousse - A palm full of light weight mousse can supply texture, long lasting hold and volume for your roots.
A Full Volume Shampoo - Look for a shampoo full of naturally based volumizers that are plant-derived to give your hair needed fullness. Yarrow, oak root, kukui, and cherry bark provide your locks with nourishment and lift to make it appear thick and full of body while leaving it soft and manageable.
Wide Tooth Comb - This comb is perfect for distributing product through hair evenly. When you use a wide tooth comb your hair will be soft, smooth and tangle free in mere moments.



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