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Teen Makeovers
Wavy Hair Goes
Smooth And Straight

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Teen Makeovers Wavy Hair Goes Smooth And Straight

Makeovers For Teens

Although this 16 year old girls before hairstyle is fine for her everyday look, she has a big night out coming up and wants to look special.

before makeover picture

It can be difficult to know what to do to change your style when you are looking for something new and fresh.

This model did not want to make a dramatic change by cutting her hair; instead she opted to just modify her current hairstyle

The difference is dramatic and she is now ready for her fabulous big date. Long sleek locks are currently all the rage among the hippest, young Hollywood celebrities.

This teenage model has seen such stars as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and singing sensation Fergie all sporting luscious, smooth long hairstyles.

Long swinging hairstyles are trendy and attractive without being fussy. Once straightened your tresses will be glossy and glamorous.

Even though this 16-year-old model starts out with wavy hair, there is absolutely no reason that her tresses can not be straightened.



after makeover picture




Teen Makeovers Wavy Hair Goes Smooth And Straight

All that is necessary for her to achieve a chic straight hairstyle is the right styling tools and hair products.

You want to make sure your locks are as healthy as possible. Long hair can become damaged easily by frequent brushing and styling.

Make sure that you visit your salon regularly for trims to keep your tresses in great shape.

To get ready for her date, this teenage girl will start by washing her wavy locks. Use products that are suited for your individual hair type.





Teen Makeovers Wavy Hair Goes Smooth And Straight



style steps hairstyles for older women

List Icon Once her hair is clean, the model moves on to the next step of carefully toweling her hair dry. Blot excess moisture gently from your hair; never rub your locks roughly as you risk damaging the strands.

List Icon Use a wide toothcomb to untangle your tresses, as using a brush on wet hair is never a good idea.

List Icon Next you will want to apply shaping gel; calming serum or a hair gel to your palms and run your fingers through your hair. Comb once again to make sure the product is applies evenly.

List Icon The next step in the styling process is to blow-dry the hair as straight as possible. Work with a large round brush and make sure that you keep the tip of the dryer pointing downwards, in a parallel direction of your hair.


Once her hair is fully dry, the young model moves on to her hair straightener to create her fabulous look. Like this teenager did, you will want to work on small sections of your hair at a time. Start at the top of your hair and pull the iron down slowly.

Once a section is straight, move on until your entire hair has been done. Once your hair is fully straight, rub a finishing cream to control flyaway strands and to promote shine. All you and this young model need now is a light misting of hairspray for hold and your ready to head out the door.

Although curly locks are beautiful, sometimes you get the urge to completely change your look. Whether it’s just for one night, or to create a whole new style, short, straight hairstyles are fabulous.

Girls Short Straight Hairstyle

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