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Teen Hairstyles Bangs And Shattered Ends

teen hairstyles bangs and shattered ends

teen before bangs makeover pictureThere are times when the simplest changes to our hairstyle make all of the difference. As this young model has discovered, adding bangs and razoring the ends of your hair can create a whole new look. Bangs are back in fashion in a big way.

By simply implementing bangs and razored ends to her hairstyle, this young lady has created a trendy new style for her hair. If your locks are already short, or you don't want to take a drastic plunge and cut inches off of your long locks, you can still have a hairstyle makeover.

Bangs can jazz up a tired old hairstyle and create a new, fashionable look. This model wanted to start her senior year at high school with a fabulous yet easy to maintain look. She wanted something more adult and sophisticated without being fussy and overwhelming. Her bangs and razored ends offer her a youthful and fun, yet stylish new hairstyle.

This short, textured Bob hairstyle with bangs and razored ends is adaptable for most face shapes and hair types. This look is simple to personalize to suit your own needs. You can pick a bang that works the best for your hair texture.

Although this hairstyle is very suitable for a young model such as this, it really is a classic look that can work for women of all ages. The razored edges of the young model's hairstyle are ideal for a busy young woman on the go. Her look is casual enough for school yet playful enough for evening activities. Young celebrities all over Hollywood are hot on the bang fad. Everywhere you look the trendiest female stars are spotted sporting a variety of bangs. This year is going to be on bangs. Especially customized forehead bangs like this teenage model wears.

There are so many styling option afforded to you with a great set of bangs. You can blend in highlights, lowlights, colored tips or even partial colors. Take creative freedom with your look and mix and match your bangs with hair flips, chips, layers, shaggy pieces, choppy pieces and panel strands. The texturized brow brushing bangs on this model, thin out and add length to her shorter, round face.

Bangs are a terrific styling option to maximize facial features you love to show off while minimizing and masking features you want to hide. The beauty of the bang is that you can change the look often. If you do not like the look of the bang you end up with, or if you get bored and want to change your style often, bangs are perfect. A bang can be grown out to change its shape in a matter of weeks. For her first day of school, this young model wants to make the most of her sleek new hairstyle.

styling steps

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition
  • Apply a dab of styling gel through towel dried hair with your fingers
  • Use a round brush while blow-drying, lifting at the roots for volume
  • If desired when hair is dry, use a styling iron to turn the ends of your hair out
  • Rub pomade between your palms and smooth over your hair and on the ends to define the edges
  • Mist with hairspray for hold

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Updated December 1, 2011

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