Teen Guys Hair Styles For Short Thick Hair

guys short thick hairstyle

If you are a guy with very thick hair, you may think your styling options are limited. However, the right short haircut will keep your hair looking neat while still allowing you to look trendy.

If your hair is thick, it is a good idea to keep it short and to wear your hair in a style with layers, as this will give you more control over your hairstyle.

A great short hairstyle for thick hair will provide you with a great look that is terrific for everything from a casual day at school to any activities you participate in.

Teenage guys are far too busy to want to spend long amounts of time working on their hair. The best way to avoid having to fight with your hair to maintain a neat style is by keeping it cut short in a style that works well with your hair type.

It does not matter if your personal style is more conservative or leans towards trendy. With the proper short haircut, and a few minimal styling products you can have a hairstyle that suits your needs.

For a more conventional look you can use a small amount of mousse on dry hair and comb it neatly in the direction you desire.

Or, you could opt to part your hair to one side and neatly comb the sides of your hair back. This is a hairstyle that is ideal for teen guys with layered hair or thick wavy hair.

Teen Guys Hair Styles For Short Thick Hair
The very same hairstyle can be modified for a trendier look. Simply use your fingers to apply a gel to wet hair and use your fingers to place your hair in different directions for as messy of a look as you desire.

rob lowe short thick hair cut

A texturised cut hairstyle is perfect for the busy teenage guy on the go.

This is a great short hairstyle that sets off a longer face shape and works well with very thick hair.

For this short hairstyle, the hair is cut very choppy and is texturised with a razor.

To style using your fingers apply a small amount of styling wax to damp hair.

Leave your hair to dry naturally and keep in mind that the whole point of this style is the messy look.


Teen Guys Hair Styles For Short Thick Hair

teen short thick hair styleThe razor cut hairstyle for guys is not only trendy, but very easy to maintain. This is an ideal hairstyle for thick hair and leaves you with a funky, wispy, razored look.

To style - apply a molding cream to damp hair with your fingers. Tousle and texture your ends as desired

For teenage guys with thick hair, you may also want to consider adding highlights to your short hairstyle as this will provide your look with the illusion of movement.

If you are unsure of what hair products you should use to maintain your hairstyle, ask your stylist which items are best suited for you.

You may recognize some of the teen celebrities in the mini hairstyle gallery below: Anton Yelchin, Adam Young, Alex Black, Benjamin McKenzie, Billie Gilman, Hayden Christensen, Jeremy Sumpter, Matt Dallas



Teen Guys Hair Styles For Short Thick Hair


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