Teen Girls Hair And Makeup Makeovers

Teen Girls Hair And Makeup Makeovers section gives you great ways to update or completely change your look and image. Every teenage girl at times needs a beauty makeover.

You may be looking for ideas for hairstyles and makeup for a special night out, a new job, or a change for back to school.

Hairstyle makeovers can be for the short term, using styling products and tools to create your new look.

You can simply wash your hair the next day and you are back to your original style.

Hairstyle makeovers that are more drastic such as cutting, straightening, or perming should be given a little more care before committing.

teens girls makeovers

A virtual makeover saves you big hairstyling mistakes and you will be happier with your results. We keep up with all the new hairstyles the latest celebrity hairstyles, and makeup trends for each new season.

These makeovers are geared towards teen girls who want a change in their image or style. Below you will find a wide selection of hairstyle ideas and how to style them.

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Bob Hairstyle Makeovers

short blunt bob makeover

Teens Short Blunt Bob

Razor texturing to ends of this bob haircut and bangs create a more youthful, flirty bob

preteens bob makeover

Preteens Bob Makeover

A complete transformation for a preteen with a trendy long angled bob

short angled bob makeover

Short Angled Bob For Teen Girls

Short locs get a new look with a sleek bob, easy style options to revamp this look

after teens makeover

Haircuts For Teen Girls

Teen hair goes from blah to bob, easy to style into a rough bob look or wear smooth

Hair Color Makeovers

black blonde color makeover preview

Black Blonde Color Makeover

Two tone black and blonde color with a Shag cut totally transforms this teens look

redheads makeover

Makeover For Redheads

See the before and after of this redheads makeover with hair color and makeup changes

makeover for light brown hair

Makeover For Light Brown Hair

A fresh look for this light shade of brown hair, deeper richer color tones with makeup to complete the look

makeover for brunettes

Makeover For Brunettes

This makeover is all about bringing out the natural beauty of brunette girls with makeup advice and hair tips

blonde hair makeover

Blonde Hair Makeover

This makeover for blonde hair will give you tips for flattering makeup, hair shades, and cute hairstyle ideas

Bangs And Fringes Makeovers

teens bang makeover

Teen Bangs And Shattered Ends

There are times when the simplest changes to our hairstyle make all of the difference

Short Hairstyle Makeovers

short styling options preview

Short Styling Options

These 2 styles can dress up a basic short haircut fast. Styling steps to create a seperated textured look or a polished style with tons of volume.

short curly hairstyles makeover

Girls Short Curly Hairstyle

Short haircuts are ideal for creating amazing curly styles

funky teens hairstyle makeover

Girls Short Funky Hairstyle

A short funky shag with flipped ends takes care of a boring style

after teens short hairstyle makeover

Girls Short Straight Hairstyle

Although curly locks are beautiful, sometimes you just want straight

cute teen hairstyles makeover

Cute Hairstyles For Teen Girls

A cute new short hairstyle makeover with long side swept bangs

teens pixie hairstyle makeover

Teens Pixie Haircut

This teen model loves wearing her short pixie haircut with a side swept bang

trendy short shag makeover

Teen Girl Haircuts

A boring mid length haircut goes to a trendy short style with textured ends

Medium Hairstyle Makeovers

pretty medium flip

Pretty Medium Flip | Classic Medium Flip

Long drab hair makeover transforms to a pretty style, a soft classic medium flip

popular teen girl haircut

Popular Teen Girl Haircuts

A teens plain hairstyle is cut into a medium length layered bob

jaw length hairstyle

Jaw Length Hairstyle Makeover

If you have a strong, angular jaw line, or big boned jaw this mid length hairstyle makeover gives a more feminine look

girls medium length layered hair

Medium Length Layered Hair

A medium length hairstyle is saved from looking flat with medium length layers in this makeover

Long Hairstyle Makeovers

teens long curly hairstyle makeover

Teens Long Curly Hairstyle

It is not always easy to cut your long locks, opt to play with styling products and tools

wavy hairstyle makeover

Teen Wavy Hair Goes Smooth And Straight

The before hair style picture is wavy the after hair style picture is smooth and sleek

teens celebrity makeover

Teens Britney Spears Hairstyle

Long hair goes from limp locks to a tousled curls Britney Spears style

makeover for long wild hair

Long Wild Hair

Jungle wild long hair can be tamed, the style steps in this teens makeover will show you how

teen girls frizzy hair makeover

Teens Makeover For Frizzy Hair

This makeover takes big frizzy hair to a smooth sleek modern style

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 23, 2015

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