Tavern Man Costume For Men

Where have all the charming gentlemen of yesteryear gone off to?  Well, ladies love a chivalrous, old-fashioned man, and everyone loves the guy with the beer, so find yourself the most popular fella at the party with this once upon a day gone by tavern man costume, the original party animal. 

Why should that scantily clad St. Pauli Girl get all the attention?  Better yet, you two could go as a matched set of booze icons!

This old school beer drinker starts with regular black pants and a full sleeved blousey white shirt.  Over the top of the shirt, nothing completes the look like a Renaissance faire worthy vest with a belt thrown over the waist. 

You’ll also find that all the style is in the details, so look for special little touches like lacing in the vest or shirt, and a fancy trim in gold or a more neutral color. 

Tuck those pants into boots of your own, or go extra authentic with retro-licious buckle shoes or boots.  It’s a flattering costume for gentlemen of all shapes and sizes, too! 

In order to properly rock this old school look, you’re also going to need either a fancy schmancy European beer stein, or a simple frosty glass mug in hand at all times, filled to the brim with your favorite libation, of course.

A wise man might even be sure he’s got two mugs on his person, in case he comes across a cute wench or bar maid, as the night continues. 

You might also express your more dashing nature by keep a swashbuckling sort of sword tucked into your waistband, you know, just in case.  

 If your hair style is a bit modern for an ol’ fashioned fella, hide your ultra hip faux hawk under a page boy wig, or something even longer and more rugged looking. 

Top those long locks off with a vintage looking hat, feather optional, or leave the wig (or your ultra hip faux hawk) to speak for itself.

If you’re looking for a cute couple costume to sport with your girlfriend, the tavern man and his faithful barmaid are a great choice as well. 

Use matching beer steins, and have your lady friend dressed up in a long skirt and waist cincher, and you will both be thrown back in time!

Whatever costume you find yourself donning this Halloween season, make sure that you’ve got a designated driver or a safe way home – especially when your costume revolves around tavern drinking!    



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Tavern Man Costume For Men

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