Swoop Bangs For Spring

paris-hilton-bob-swoop-bangsBy this time of the year, everyone is ready to say good-bye to winter and hello to the warmth of Spring.

What better time to revamp your look than with the changing of the season. One of the hottest ways to update your current hairstyle is with Swoop bangs

A great Swoop bang is unisex and adds instant pizzazz to hairstyles sported by both men and women.

Swoop bangs, although seemingly basic, is casual enough to wear on a daily basis, fancy enough for a night out, and dressy enough for the office. Your Swoop bangs will look amazing anytime, anywhere.

A Swoop bang will add a whole new element to your hairstyle. If your tired of wearing your hair in the same old hairstyle, but are not sure what to do to create a new look, start out with a Swoop bang.

A Swoop bang combined with an elegant updo would be perfect for your next formal event.

Pair your Swoop Bangs with an angled Bob for a funky, yet professional look. The hairstyle possibilities with a Swoop bang are seemingly endless.

Swoop bangs are what is known as a face-framing type of bang. These are not actually a full bang, but rather long or short fringes that are angled down the side of the face, and then basically swept to the side, off of the face.

Although almost everyone can wear a Swoop bang, regardless of their facial features and hair type, the Swoop bang is particularly ideal for those with heart and oval face shapes.

Bangs in general are a hot hairstyle trend right now. However, due to their fun and funky edge, the Swoop bang is undeniably the most popular type of bang worn by women today.

Swoop Bangs For Spring A Swoop bang is thought to be successfully achieved when your bangs lay gently across your forehead, and fly off to the side. It is up to personal choice, which side you direct your Swoop bangs to. Wearing your Swoop bang to the right or left does not make a difference, whichever way you think suits you best is fine.

It seems as with every other well-known fad, that Hollywood has been swept along in the Swoop bang craze.

American Idol songbird Kelly Clarkson has been spotted singing up a storm with her bangs artfully Swooped to the side. Singer turned actress Jessica Simpson wears her platinum bangs in a beautiful Swoop as well.

Female celebrities eagerly hold on to their Swoop bangs even when they change their hairstyles. Nicole Ritchie cropped her long locks into a beautiful short Bob awhile back. The length changed dramatically, the color changed slightly, but her Swoop bangs remained firmly in place

Although typically Swoop bangs start out long, even those with short bangs can wear a version of the Swoop. As long as you wear your bangs swept to the side, you can call the Swoop your own.

Layers will add a wonderful new dimension to your Swoop bangs. Layering the hair that is incorporated into your bangs is a good idea because your face will appear far less box shaped.

This also allows you to grow out your Swoop into an even longer side-sweeping look with ease.



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Swoop Bangs For Spring

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