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Super Short Haircuts For Spring

Super Short Haircut For Spring

Super short haircuts for spring is a popular search phrase this year, a super short business haircut like Ellen Degeneres is the hippest cut for very short hair this Spring 2007. There may still be snow on the ground; but Spring is already in the air. Clothing stores and fashion designers all ready have their Spring line in gear; it is time to think about how you are going to wear your short hair this Spring to match those fabulous fashions.

If you are not certain what to do with your hair this Spring, but are seeking a look with versatility, a new short haircut may be just what you need. Most short haircuts provide you with plenty of styling flexibility when you make use of styling tools and products. If you do not want to go super short all over, you can always have long layers cut into your hair for additional styling option.

Almost all hair types and facial features can wear variations of short haircuts. Visit your stylist and ask her help in choosing a cut that will look terrific on you this Spring. The Pixie is a popular cut that has been around for many years. For Spring 2007, an updated Pixie cut might be the short haircut you've been looking for. Once your pixie cut is in place, styling your locks takes mere minutes.

style steps super short hairstyles for spring

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.
  • Towel dry and work a dab of styling gel through your locks.
  • Comb your hair into the desired position or using your fingers, run them through your locks, lifting and moving the hair forward.
  • Allow to dry naturally or blow-dry using a diffuser.
  • Mist lightly with hairspray for hold if desired.

very short spring hairstylesProbably the hippest short hairstyle for Spring 2007 is the short business cut. This style is actually just as popular with women this year as it is men.

Powerhouse celebrity females such as Ellen Degeneres are already sporting this trendy new short haircut. It is a simple, elegant and ready for anything look. This easy to maintain, super short cut is sure to be one of the hottest super short haircuts for spring 2007.

Styling variations for this short haircut include wearing it in a messy, somewhat punk look. This can easily be achieved by tousling damp hair as desired after working in a dab of styling gel.

Some bold women will take it a step further this Spring and go almost shaved short for their locks. This alternative will be somewhat longer on top and come to almost nothing by the ears and back. Unisex hairdos are the trend for short hair this Spring. There will be a large number of ladies sporting what were once thought of as men's hairdos in Spring 2007.

Women are even incorporating a masculine side part into some of their hairstyles. Have fun with your short hair this Spring. Be bold and daring, use your styling products to create adventure. There is no better way to shake off the winter cold than with a hot new look for Spring.
Enjoy, super short haircuts for spring

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Updated May 22, 2011

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