Sunglasses For Kids

Every parent needs to be packing sunglasses for kids. Children's sensitive skin needs protection and coverage.

Suntan lotions can only be applied so close to the eye area, leaving the under eye and eyelids exposed to the hot sun.

No Sunglasses At The BeachDo You Wonder Why I Am Squinting!

There is something missing in the above picture and any smart mom will know, it's the sunglasses.

 And Gone!

The Sunglass Man has taken his glasses and gone, we will update this page with  a new selection shortly.

Sun Protection

Protect your children's eyes with sunglasses they will love to wear.  All of these great styles have UV400 protection the same as adult sunglasses.

The kid's sunglasses are sized for their smaller faces and comfortable to wear. Children who do wear sunglasses at an early age, find it an easy transition to prescription glasses if needed at a later time.

Little ones will have fun wearing any of these favorite Disney characters and for the pre-teen who is not yet ready for adult sizes, the Compare To Nike are a perfect choice.

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