Sun Protection For Your Hair

Sun protection for your hair at the beach or pool is as important as for your skin.

Maybe in the hot sun, on the white sand, with tanned bodies, sun-bleached and wind dried hair lookes good.

Hair color that has faded to its palest form looks as natural as the sea shells. You may have experienced this if you have spent any time in tropical locations.

The sun can be very destructive It will fade your natural hair color and any color you have added as well as produce a straw-like texture.

Mix in a brisk ocean breeze and you have sun bleached, moisture depleted, brittle hair that is impossible to completely recondition.

Often, the only remedy is to cut it off. However, there are ways that you can treat your hair for sun damage.

All you need to do is carry some hair conditioner with you when you go to the beach and make sure that you treat your hair before you go to the ocean and when you get out of the ocean.

Don't walk around all day with your hair covered in all that mess. A summer must have for your beach bag.

Sun Protection for Your Hair

Protect Your Hair

The smartest way to assure lovely, shiny hair when you get back home is to protect it before it is damaged.

So, if you are heading for sunny vacation, and this includes snow skiing, take some precautions and save yourself some reconditioning headaches.

hair protection at the beach

Cover Your Hair

The best defense against sun damage is a hat of close weave material and large enough to cover all of your hair.

However, a hat is not always possible, desirable or comfortable. Not everyone looks good in hats and wearing one almost always causes hat-head.

Sunscreen For Hair

The next best defense and the one that I recommend, is the use of hair care items that will protect your hair by containing sunscreen.

You should be using hair gel, mousse, hair spray and even spray shine that contain ingredients that block the UV rays of the sun.

Each item should contain sunscreen assuring maximum protection. Apply each throughout your hair each time you will be in the sun.

In this way sunscreen is applied in layers building up walls of defense.

So be smart while enjoying your time in the sun. Follow these suggestions to keep your hair healthy, silky, soft and beautiful when you return home.

sun protection for your hair

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Sun Protection For Your Hair
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Sun Protection For Your Hair