Sun Care Basics, Practice Safer Sun

The beach is full of people not following the sun care basics that help prevent aging skin and sun burns.

While environmental changes have increased some of the risks of unabashed sun worshipping, summer still welcomes a love of the outdoors.

Despite the new dangers, sun exposure has been known to be beneficial in the battle against depression and to an extent benefits skin health (love that vitamin D).

As well a beautiful bronzed complexion is still the height of sex appeal for many people.

There are multiple products available at this time that offer a sun-free alternative to conventional tanning. But there are still many people who argue that there ain't nothing like the real thing baby.

So while folks are not ready to go undercover permanently, there are some do's and don'ts.

Know the following sun care basics so that can serve to guide you on your quest for a deep, safe, healthy tan.

Practice Safer Sun - Do

Before a tanning session, it is a good idea to take a shower or bath, and thoroughly exfoliate to get skin hydrated and slough off dead skin cells.

Make sure also to shave or wax legs before heading to the tanning booth or beach to ensure that skin tans evenly.

It is a good idea to refrain from physical activity or exercise for 5-6 hours after tanning, as excessive perspiration can negatively affect a tan.

Additionally, the sun is at its most powerful from 12 noon the 3 pm each day, so avoid exposure during that interval.

After tanning, don light, loose fitting clothing to avoid irritating skin, and begin moisturizing skin with a light, non-greasy lotion.

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Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement and are defiantly sun care basics. When tanning, always wear shades to protect the retina of your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

If setting out to tan, keep reasonably lengthy intervals between each session, at least two days.

The best time to get started is the early part of the day, before 10 AM. While tanning lotions are fairly safe to use, sunscreen or block is a better choice.

If you're still looking for a bit of color, use a lower SPF and apply more frequently.

Sun Care Basics - Don't

A good idea is to use tanning lotions. Do not use oils for facial tanning. Most importantly, do not tan for more than 20 minutes, be it under the sun or inside a tanner.

Less exposure to UV rays has no side effects and it usually fulfills the requirement of radiations needed by human body.

If your skin is broken or rashy, skip a tanning day, and never set yourself up for daily tanning (see above).

If any sort of irritation occurs, contact your doctor or dermatologist immediately.

Suntan oils can intensify the amount of radiation absorbed, as can tanning pills. This will likely cause dehydration and possibly sunstroke.

Practice these sun care basics and enjoy your sun!

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Sun Care Basics