Summer Skirts For Older Women

My favorite summer skirts for older women has to be the long Gypsy styles. As the weather heats up and the days grow longer, nothing keeps you looking and feeling cooler than this airy, light, and comfortable skirt.

There is no style more fabulous, flirty, and flattering to women of all ages than the bohemian chic of a flowy skirt. Commonly called gypsy or peasant skirts, in a variety of ethnic prints and crinkly textures have resurfaced after a long hiatus.

The Summer Skirt

An added bonus is that the elasticized waistbands commonly seen on these skirts are comfortable for ladies of all sizes, and can disguise a variety of figure flaws. 

To playfully accentuate the hippie chic fun of this trend, accessorize to your little heart’s content. Try an armful of skinny bangles in silver and gold, or a huge ring in amber or turquoise.

Layered Maxi Skirts

Dangle a large pendant from a long chain to lengthen your torso, and break out those down-to-their swingy chandelier earrings you’ve bought but never knew what to wear with.

Wear your favorite hemp flip-flops or dress it up with jeweled Grecian sandals. Look for jangly, belly-dancer-esque belts to top off the look.

If it’s a slightly dressier, more structured look you crave, there are kissing cousins of the free-flowing gypsy skirt made in more structured cottony fabrics and the like, and accented with intricate beading or delicate patchwork.

These skirts tend to be circle-shaped (the kind that “twirl” when you spin around – remember those days?), and can be beautifully worn with peep-toe ballet flats and light button up shirts with puffed cap sleeves. 

Another added summer style is the t-shirt skirts, which are made out of tee cotton and oftentimes screen printed as well.  These are generally A-line shaped or with the newly popular asymmetrical hemlines. 

Many styles feature layered and  tattered looking hemlines in a variety of lengths, to lend a bit of cool to any urban gal out for a bit of summer shopping or beach combing.  Whatever style suits you best, options abound, and the comfort level cannot be beat. 

So whatever your age or the state of your figure, slap on a moisturizing sunless tanner and get ready to work that summer skirt! Summer clothes and gypsy skirts can mean new vibrant colors added to your wardrobe, 

You can test the brighter lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners, and blush to blend with these new clothing colors.

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