Summer Color And Skin Tone

A Summer color and skin tone can be one of 3 categories, light, soft, or cool. Commonly, a summer color and skin tone is fair or rosy pink making it a cool palette.

We think warm sun, days filled with fun, and balmy evenings talking about them. Though the year will endure fog, rain, and snow, you will reflect semitransparent sunshine, warming yourself and all those who draw near.

summer color and skin tone

Are You A Summer?

This Simple Test Will Find Out If You Are A Summer

Use light pink fabric or a piece of large clothing, even a towel will do. Stand in front of your mirror and drape the pink over your shoulders. Now close your eyes, when you open your eyes, you should see your face first and not notice the pink fabric first.

Did you notice the pink fabric first? If so, repeat the test, this time using a pure light blue. Now what did you notice first? If it was the fabric then you are not a summer color and skin tone.

Your color palette for summer can be delicate and soft including delicate pastels, or cool. You will find examples in the seasonal colors used for Easter. The brighter colors such the strong bright yellows are not in your palette, choose yellow as a light pastel instead. A wonderful look for you is solids and light delicate patterns.

Choose delicate pinstripes on the bottom (such a pants and skirts). Your best complimentary colors are pink, light blue, and light gray. Summers can wear delicate prints well, but again choose for your bottom garments.

What Colors Should The Summer Seasons Wear?

summer season color palette

Summer Season Color Palette

Choose the softest dusty tones. Concentrate on the cool blue-based shades. You want colors that are " muddy" or "cloudy." Your most flattering garments will be the solids in your palette. For your prints choose soft watercolor prints as well as complex patterns.

You will find that soft textures in wool, cotton knits, and crepes enhance your colors the best. Summer represents the most pastel and delicate woman. You wear the soft neutrals well. You must remember soft for color depth, rose, and blue for color shades. You may be a summer who does wear your preferred sunshiny colors, but you should be looking more for soft rather sharp for contrast.

A Summer Season will be overpowered wearing colors form the winter palette, the color will wear you. These colors will be too harsh for you, aging and drawing attention to your facial features. Your face will not be noticed as a whole. You must avoid wearing stark whites and any colors that have a yellow base, and orange.

For a summer, the pastels are powerful and vibrant enough. When you are tanned you might get away with with wearing a pure white, but it is still too harsh a tone for your soft image. You do not want to create a look that is sharp around the edges.

Summer Complexions

Soft Summer Skin Tone

soft summer skin tone keri russell

Keri Russell

Light Summer Skin Tone

light summer skin tone naomi watts

Naomi Watts

Cool Summer Skin Tone

cool summer skin tone maggie gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Summer Fabric Colors

Starting with the basics, coordinate with your wardrobe with these color selections: Navy, Burgundy and Plum, soft Rose Brown, Rose Beige, Rose Taupe, Blue-Greys, and off White.


Your color territory is most of the blues, remove only the Royal blue or Chinese blue shades that a Winter season would wear.


A Summer color and skin tone can wear greys from light blue-grey to any soft charcoal blue-grey.


Blue greens can range from pastel to deep.


For pink you can wear all the pastel pinks that have a blur undertone. You can also wear the deeper rose tones, which includes fuchsia, but even these may look best on you when powdered and muted.


Choose red as you will choose gray and green, reds that carry a blue undertone.


Your shades of watermelon will be the most flattering when going towards more of a coral hue. You will want to avoid orange red and orange.


You can wear anything in the lavender family, the orchids and mauve pastels.

Plum, Burgundy, and Raspberry

You wear these shades well, but if you are a Summer that is more on the fair side try to keep a softer shade near your face.


A Summer color and skin tone should wear only one shade of yellow, the light lemon and you should avoid any yellow that has a gold undertone.


Aqua should stay in the light to medium range.

Soft White

Soft white containing no yellow is your best best white,this shade is often called winter white.


The strong navy of a winter season, is not for you, choose instead a navy that is softer and grayer, this will compliment your softer complexion.


Your beige and brown always have a brown tone. Wear any shade between your rose beige and rose brown swatches, including cocoa, but avoid yellow-beiges, gray beiges, and dark browns.


Black can be so overpowering on a Summer color and skin tone. When you do wear black, add colors from your summer palette at neckline, blouse under suit, jewelry, or scarves. If you are a dark complexion with brown hair, you are the woman that is on the border of being a Winter season.

You can safely wear the most vivid colors in the Summer palette, and you may find that the palest of the pastels look better on you when mixed with your brighter colors.


Summer Shoe Colors

Your shoes should be the same color value as your hemlines, going to a darker shade for dress up occasions. You will want to wear your pumps and sling backs with your business look or suits. Your sandals and strappy shoes belong with your casual outfits. For shoes and belts gray is the best.

Summer Hosiery Colors

Your hosiery colors should blend with your hemlines. Your basic colors are: gray tones, taupe, navy and rose-beige.

Summer Eyewear Colors

For a classic look, you will want to choose the colors that blend with your skin tone and your hair color. For your plastic frames choose: clear, taupe, blue-gray, and rose.

Summer Jewelry Colors


For a Summer color and skin tone your best look is simple, but elegant jewelry and accessories in the colors of the Summer palette. Your stones to choose from: Cool Jade, Diamonds, Emeralds, Garnet, Lapis, Pale Amethyst, and Sapphires.


For Metals: Pewter, Rose Gold, and Silvers and subdued silver.

Summer Color And Skin Tone Makeup

Summer Lipstick Colors

Softer shades will flatter you the most. Choose lipstick colors with a blue undertone. You can wear the plum and burgundy tones, and some summers can wear a warm brown, if the plum and burgundy shades are too blue. Choose the brownish pinks and plums if they are not too dark of a shade.

Summer Eye shadow Colors

A summer season complexion does not require eye shadow to be can't miss it, dramatic. If your eyes are green choose a gray-green shadow, even if your eyes have some gold shades. As you want cool tones for your eye shadow avoid any that are yellow-green. If your eyes are blue try a smoked turquoise as well as an ash-blue shade.

Test by applying more than you usually would and then stand back in good light to see which flatters you the most. If you are a brown eyed summer try a smoked navy shade rather than the plums and mauves. For any of the shades it is important to blend the shadow well. Your goal should be for a look that is soft, subtle and feminine.

Summer Mascara Colors

Summer color and skin tones should choose mascara in shades closest to the color of your eyebrows and hair. You will find these in the blonde-brown, brown, brown-black-charcoal and taupe shades of mascara.

Summer Blush Colors

You wear the pink or plum shades beautifully.

summer clothing colors kimberly williams

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Summer Color And Skin Tone
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Updated: March 19, 2015

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