Styling Tips For Side Swept Bangs

long-glam-side-swpt-bangsSo after you¹ve cut the hottest side bangs to flatter your face shape, the biggest trick is to learn how to style them at home.

Even if you are a low maintenance sort of gal, the type who likes to run out of the house with damp hair (we all have our moments), try to take the time to at least blow dry and do your bangs.

Bangs are the frame for your lovely face, and if they are done properly, you can get a couple days use out of one styling.

As you can see from the pictures in the mini-gallery below, side swept bangs can be worn by all ages and work as beautifully for the casual teenage hairstyles as they do for the sophisticated glam hairstyles.

Styling Tips For Side Swept Bangs

You¹ll need a blow dryer, a flat iron, a round brush with boar bristles preferably, and some sort of smoothing serum

arrow Start off by squeezing a pea sized amount of that hair serum through your damp hair.  If your hair is on the finer side, you might also want t o use a volumizing product.

arrowHold your round brush in one hand, and your blow dryer in the other.
TIP: When using a dryer, try to keep it pointed down and away from your roots to minimize damage and keep the hair follicle smoothed down. This will keep your look shiny and sleek. 

arrow Roll the brush down as you blow down.
If you like a little curl or flip, curve your brush out in whichever direction you choose as you reach the tip.


Depending on your cut, you may want to also style any other shorter layers around your face.

If you¹re keeping the fringe around your face pin straight, or if you have a stubborn cowlick that blow drying just can¹t seem to handle, heat up that flat iron. 

The longer side pieces can be ironed straight down, but angle your iron to whichever side opposite your part when doing the actual bangs. 

Only iron from about halfway down each piece of hair so as not to remove the volume you just painstakingly gave your roots.

The hair serum you have previously applied helps cut down on some of the heat damage.

From there, you can either blow dry the rest of your hair, straighten it, curl it, or let it air dry. 

Working with the texture of your hair naturally is also coming back in a big way for fall, so you might even want to blow dry or heat style half way, and let Mother Nature handle the rest. 

Or try one of the season¹s hot new ponytails or other messy sexy up-do¹s, keeping your expertly coiffed fringe down to soften your face.

Enjoy, Side Swept Bangs....




Styling Tips For Side Swept Bangs



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