Styling Tips For Long Straight Hair


Is Long Straight Hair Boring?

Long straight hair is anything but boring. When you have straight, sleek long locks, you can create a number of hairstyles that make people sit up and take notice.

long-straight-hairstyleAlthough you may appreciate your long straight locks, there may be times that you get bored with your current style and are looking for something a bit different.

You may not want to loose any length, yet still have a change in your hairstyle. The good news is that there are ways you can play with your long, straight locks to create a variety of stunning looks without loosing an inch of hair.

Styling products can work wonders, even on long locks that are naturally straight. The next time you wash your hair, apply a large dollop of mousse throughout damp hair with your fingers.

Flip your head over and blow-dry your tresses. When you lift your head back up, you will be full of volume and texture. If you’re looking for a playful hairstyle for your long straight locks, think back to your childhood.

Braids, ponytails and pigtails are a great way to keep your locks out of your face while creating a flirty hairstyle that’s fabulous. Just remember to use hair friendly elastics to protect your long locks.

Styling Tips For Long Straight Hair

A very simple solution to creating a new look is in the part of your hair. Try parting your hair on the opposite side as usual or create a part in the middle, you can even implement a zig zag part if you’re feeling bold. It’s a small change that can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Implement lowlights into your long, straight tresses. Lowlights often work better than highlights when your locks are stick straight. This is because at times highlights on straight hair can appear more like stripes. Lowlights weaved into your natural shade of hair can add a zip to your style.

If a night on the town is in your future, sculpt your long straight locks into a loose or low ponytail. Twist the tail upward and secure it to the base of your head with a clip. Artfully remove some selections and allow them to frame your face. This simple updo will ensure your long locks look amazing.

Allow your straight locks to glow. A slight mist of spray shine will create a gleam in your long straight locks while hiding any hair damage you may have.

Styling Tips For Long Straight Hair When in doubt, accessorize. You can never go wrong with hair jewels and accessories to adorn your long straight locks. Choose barrettes, clips hair jewels and headbands to keep your locks out of your eyes and looking neat. This is a hip and trendy way to make a hair statement with your long locks.

You can have dimension added to your long straight locks with a texturized hairstyle. Long loose layers and ends that are razored and sliced will make a drastic difference in your hair’s appearance. This hairstyle for long, straight hair is beautiful and will compliment almost every face shape.


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Styling Tips For Long Straight Hair

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