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They don’t call her Posh Spice without reason, and chic Victoria Beckham has proven herself to be quite a trend setter.  

With the newly christened “Pob” (or Posh’s bob), a striking asymmetrical short cut, she’s again proven that she is no “wannabe.”

Victoria Beckham Posh Pobs

To try the Pob on for size, you’ll first need to find a competent stylist, preferably one that is comfortable with texturizing via straight razor, to get the right amount of lift in your locks.  

Discuss with your hairdresser what aspects of the cut will suit you, and where things should be adapted to be most flattering to your face shape and styling skills.

We don’t all have a glam squad to get us ready for the paparazzi in the morning, so now that you’ve found your very own version of the Pob, it’s time to learn to style it yourself.

A High Maintenance Style

Also be advised that shorter styles do require a bit more maintenance than longer ones.  You’ll need to religiously schedule trims at 4-6 weeks, and keep that color fresh, too, as there’s nowhere for roots to hide

Shampooing and stuff can be cut back a bit to every other day at the most frequent, as a choppier style will hold up quite well to slightly dirty hair. 

Victoria Beckham Pob

How To Style A Pob

Styling prep can now start in the shower!  There are several new types of texturizing shampoos and conditioners, meant to help that pieciness along before you even begin to blow dry. 

Out of the shower, towel dry hair and work a dab of anti-frizz balm and a dollop of volumizing mousse through hair. 

  • Using your blow dryer and a heat conducting round brush, smooth hair towards face, boosting more movement into your ‘do. 
  • If you’re fighting cowlicks, try blasting the heat on the unruly piece of hair first in one direction, then in the next, and after repeating a few times, that tress should submit. 
  • Once hair has been dried, try a bit of a pomade or wax to spike up the shorter pieces and separate longer strands.  Use a very small amount and rub between hands to get product soft, warm, and pliable. 

Keep in mind that this style is somewhere between tousled and messy, and smooth and sleek when styling.

Once each hair has been styled into place, finish with a touch of glossy shine serum and a spritz of finishing spray to keep your ‘do fresh, but still touchable.  This style is meant to be touched and fluffed throughout the day. 

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