Styling Hair Tips For Medium Length Haircuts

Styling Tips For Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length hair allows you so many versatile styles and looks. Besides being flexible, it is almost always very easy to work with. Medium length hair is perfect for almost anyone, you are not held back in the least by your hair type.

Medium length hair is an excellent option for bridal styles, curly styles, funky styles, and layered hair just to name a few. The right medium hairstyle can take you from home, to the office to a night out on the town with a few minor styling modifications.

The only problem you will ever have with a medium length haircut is deciding which of the limitless options you should wear your hair in that day. Medium cuts can be anywhere from chin-length all the way to your shoulders.

With a medium hairstyle, you get the flexibility of long hair combined with the ease of short hair. You can put it up, pin it back or wear it down.

You can flip the ends out or under and it's so easy to give the roots added volume.


Styling Hair Tips For Medium Length Haircuts
Medium length hair is all about options and your one style can create many different looks as you see in this slide show. Simply changing a side part to a center part, full front bangs to side swept bangs, or a smooth straight texture to messy and shaggy creates a new hairstyle fast and easy.

Styling your medium length haircut really is easy.
One option that adds versatility and freshness to an easy medium hairstyle is layers.

Styling Hair Tips For Medium Length Haircuts

Layers can make a heart shaped face appear to be fuller near the bottom, and angular faces can be made to look softer. Layers are not just for framing the face; they can be a great benefit in the back of your medium hairstyle as well.

They will add height and movement, so you will look terrific from any angel.

Styling Hair Tips For Medium Length Haircuts

Another great way to add style and spice to your medium length hairstyle is with color. The right color will add life to your haircut and create definition in your layers. Play around with lowlights and highlights to find a look that you love.

When styling your medium length haircut, you want to keep in mind the wide variety of styling products available to you; they can make all of the difference in your look.

Styling Hair Tips For Medium Length Haircuts
Product Definitions

list iconRoot-boosters: They come in a spray form. You squirt the product directly onto the roots and then massage in with your fingers. Using your fingers, lift the hair at the root while you blow-dry. You can also bend at the waist and let your hair hang while you blow-dry. Either way will give you an instant lift.

list icon Waxes: Applying wax to the ends of your hair and gently parting, will add separation to your layers. Make sure to apply sparingly, as wax can tend to make your hair stiff and will add extra weight to your tresses.

list iconHairsprays: Hairsprays are one of the most used products when you have a medium hairstyle. The ends of your hair can be sprayed to keep them up if you wear a flip, fly away strands can be tamed, or you can use it to hold teased in volume.

list iconShampoos/Conditioners: The right cleaning product for your hair type is essential to a great look. To give an instant lift to your color, try a color-enhancing shampoo or conditioner. There are product lines available for blonde, brown and red hair. You can even use a volumizing shampoo if your hair is thin and you want it to appear thicker.

list iconMousses: Mousse works wonders on medium hairstyles. It can add extra volume, tame curls, or even keep your curls where you want them.

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Styling Hair Tips
Medium Length Haircuts

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