Square Face Shape, Your Goal Is To Soften Lines

Do you have a square face shape? Do you find yourself constantly struggling with what jewelry to wear?

What about makeup? Is it hard to configure your makeup in such a way that it highlights your main features?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are sure to benefit from this article.

Here, you will discover what types of jewelry to wear, and makeup tricks for the square face shape. Your natural hair coloring and hair texture also play important roles.

Characteristics of A Square Facial Shape

The width of your cheeks and forehead will be similar and the width of your jawline and forehead may also be similar. An angular overall appearance with the rectangular face being longer than it is wide.

Your Objective

To soften angles giving the illusion that both the forehead and the jaw line appear narrower.

Styles To Choose

Hair styles should look soft and natural with asymmetric lines in a soft light curvy fringe with height on top of the head to help counteract the square shape of the face.

Wispy hair around the edges gives the illusion of a longer face. Short to medium length hair, with wave and roundness around the face.

Styles To Avoid

  1. Avoid styles that add with at the jaw line
  2. Straight, straight hair, adding some curl, soft wave, or body will create a balance to the straight features of your face
  3.  Chin length blunt bobs

View Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes for in depth information and hairstyle pictures of the right and wrong choices for short, medium, and long styles for you.

Jewelry Tips

Choosing the right jewelry for the square shaped face can prove to be a bit tricky. Generally, you will want to steer away from jewelry types that actually bring out the square shape.

If you are selecting earrings for this face shape, it is best to select those that are rounded.

Hoop earrings and those similar in nature can be extremely beneficial when it comes to adding a rounded contour to this shaped face.

Wearing small earrings, like diamond duds, can actually make your face appear more squared off. You will want to select necklaces that have a “V” shape to them. This will provide a smooth appearance.

Eyewear and Sunglasses

Round, or oval shapes with the frames extending out past the cheekbones to diminish the width of the cheekbone will be your most flattering choice. 

The Square Face Shape

Your Makeup

When considering makeup for the square face, it is important to consider the areas of the face that are the widest. Naturally, this will be the forehead, the jaw, and the cheeks in general.


You will want to start with the foundation. You should pay special attention to certain areas when applying the foundation because you will want to make certain that there are highlights that place an emphasis on the center of your face.

Highlights are excellent when placed around the nose, under the eyes, on the middle section of the forehead, and on the end of the chin.


When applying blush, you will want to ensure that it is more toward the center of the face and is going up at an angle. This will make the face appear longer.

It is often best to use light colors when attempting this to ensure that there is length added, instead of width. 


When applying makeup to the mouth area, it is important to draw attention to the center of the mouth. You can achieve this by using a lip pencil and outlining the lips carefully.

Then, you should go to the center of your top lip and color it in on the middle part. This should extend down into the lip area.

This will be extremely beneficial in drawing attention to the middle area instead of the outside area of the face.

Eye Shadow

When applying eye shadow to the square face, it is important to use dark colors on the outside corner of the eyes, highlight the top lid, and bring in some highlighting on the inner corner of the top eyelid.

You should use medium colored eye shadow on the eye lid that is just above the eye lashes.

Not only is this beneficial in bringing attention to the center of the face, it is also an excellent method in adding depth and contour to the eyes on a square face shape.

You may want to increase the effectiveness of the eye shadow by working in some heavy eyeliner on the inner portion of the eye.

As you can see, there are many different things that can be done with makeup and jewelry when it comes to the square face shape.

Celebrities With Square Facial Shapes

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Square Mena SuvariMena Suvari

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