Spring Color And Skin Tone

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The most delicate of the four color seasons. The mistake is often made that soft cool pastels are the best choice for your spring color season, when actually clear sharp colors alive with such names as parrot green, coral, turquoise, peach, cobalt blue, Chinese red, and lemon yellow.

Your bright warm colors are personified in our favorite spring flowers, daffodils, jonquils, and tulips.

The colors of spring reflect vigor and fresh new growth drawing from strong splashes of colors with distinct yellow undertones. At the end of each winter we eagerly anticipate this announcement of spring that is visible everywhere in our grass, trees and plants. Spring's colors are bright and daring and definitely not all shy pastels.

Even the shades of cream, champagne, and camel, usually quiet colors, take on brighter life as they are accessorized for the spring season palette. Choose clear delicate tones. Thinking in terms of warm yellow based, fresh and clean colors. You can choose from a wide selection of solids, animal prints, stripes, and plaids.


Dark Brown Golden Beige Blue
Chestnut Pink Beige Green
Light Chestnut Peach Aqua
Red Blonde Ivory Golden Brown
Golden Blonde Porcelain Amber

Spring Color And Skin Tone
Fabric textures to choose would be those with a refined finish, crisp linens, gabardines, and polished cottons.

The best white for a spring is ivory, a creamy tone, or an off-white. Beiges that are clear and warm, from light beige to camel.

Your browns start at the golden tan and can go as dark as milk chocolate, any golden brown is good but be careful not to go to deep or too dark. Golds from buff to golden yellow, on the bright clear side.

For gray only a warm yellow shade is flattering to a spring skin tone and choose a lighter shade if wearing near your face.

Spring Color And Skin ToneNavy Blues that are light, clear and bright.

A dark navy can be too harsh and aging.

Peach, apricot, salmon, coral, and peachy pinks are beautiful for a spring season.

Aqua and clear turquoise are extremely flattering for you as well as periwinkle blue, light true blue

Light to medium violet are vibrant on you, if you choose a periwinkle shade of blue which has more violet in it rather than a pale powder blue, it is much more vibrant on you.

Any light orange, bright coral, and orange-red look good, choose clear reds but not those that have a blue undertone.

Black can be worn, but accessorize with your most flattering spring colors especially near the face.

A very fair spring should avoid a dark black and all springs should avoid a pure white.

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Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow Periwinkle
Pastel To Bright Green Light to Medium Beiges
Corals True Blue
Apricot Turquoise
Peach Violet
Salmon Aqua
Light Blue Warm Pink
Clear Bright Red Light Gray
Light Orange Warm Gray
Orange-Red Light navy
Chartreuse Golden Tan
Kelly Green Light Teal
Green Camel
Light Gold Chamois
Spring Color And Skin Tone
Spring Accessories

Start with the basics to coordinate with your basic wardrobe suggestions: light warm brown and tan tones, camel, bright navy, and warm gray.

Pumps or sling backs belong with your suits and business suits.

Strappy shoes and sandals belong with your dresses and some casual looks.

Both should be the same color value as your hemline or darker for dress up.

Spring Color And Skin Tone
Jewelry for Spring

For Stones
Peach, ivory, royal blue lapis, topaz, peridot, warm amethyst, pale emeralds, sapphires, tone pearls, canary diamonds

For Metals
Old golds, yellow golds, and highly polished brass.

To experiment with new colors before spending money on cosmetics, clothing, or accessories.



Spring Color And Skin Tone
Glass Frames

For sunglasses and prescription eyewear with plastic frames camel, peach, soft bronze, ivory, and pale turquoise. Your best choice in a metal frame is yellow golds.For a chic classic look choose the color that best blends with your hair and skin tone.


Spring Color And Skin Tone
Hosiery Choices For Spring

Your basic shades should include warm beige, suntan, nude, peach, and ivory.
Your hosiery colors should always subtly blend with your hemline and your shoes.


Spring Color And Skin Tone

Keep the perfume light. Day wear, Soft Vanilla or a sheer floral scent
The classic scent for evening Channel.


Spring Color And Skin Tone

spring color long dress

"Men and girls came and went like moths
among the whispering and the champagne and the stars..."

F. Scott Fitzgerald,
"The Great Gatsby"

Spring Color And Skin Tone

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