Sporty And Short Haircuts And Hairstyles

It is often said, that with knowledge comes power. All of the information out there today has shown women the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether you participate in sports, belong to a gym or just like getting out for a walk, most women are active in some form.

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Even the sporty woman wants to remain feminine and still look good though. A short sporty haircut is just the ticket. It is practical while still maintaining sex appeal!

You may want the beneficial results from a healthy lifestyle, but not at a damaging cost to your hair. Perspiration causes salt, which can dry out the roots of your hair close to the scalp.

Sweat formation can also result in dirt and oils settling into your hair. Not to mention the damage that is produced from chlorine for those who are regular swimmers.

Sporty And Short Haircuts And Hairstyles Make Life Easier

A short sporty haircut makes the active woman’s life so much easier! Frequently you may find yourself having to squeeze in visits to the gym or a yoga class at off times of the day.

With an already busy schedule before or after work, during your lunch hour or between other appointments might be the only time you have to exercise. With a short sporty haircut, you can effortlessly flow from one activity to the next.

There are numerous short haircuts that you can choose from, one of these being the pixie cut. It is easy to care for, simple to maintain and perfect for the sporty woman. Although she wore her hair long for years, Alyssa Milano recently opted to try out this classic cut. With a quick visit to your hair salon you too can enjoy this short haircut.

At your appointment, ask your stylist for a custom contoured shape with a soft tapered edge, with bangs that are rounded and spiky over your forehead. Best of all, styling this short sporty haircut takes only minutes and can just as easily be done at home or at the gym

How To Style

  • Towel dry hair
  • Rub a dab of gel or mousse through your hair with your fingers
  • Use fingers or a comb to brush hair into place
  • Allow hair to dry naturally Spray lightly with hair spray if desired
  • For naturally curly hair, use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow-dry
  • When hair is fully dry, a dab of pomade worked through hair with your fingers will control frizz

This short haircut is not only perfect for the active woman to take care of; it’s incredibly feminine as well. It will take you from home to the gym to the office and even out for the evening with mere minutes in front of the mirror. There is no reason that women can’t have it all. An active healthy life, and terrific easy to manage hair. All it takes is a short sporty haircut! View these hairstyles that can go to the gym and hold up to your workout and still have you looking sensational in your little black dress. 

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