Skincare For Men

Skincare for men needs to go further than a quick shower in the morning. Most guys believe they can get out the door with just a shower and shave and be as pretty as they need to be.

In most cases, it takes a little more than that to have a boy date-ready, and your lady will tell you so!

What Your Lady Wishes You Would Do

The world today is full of simple (and not so simple) grooming products and skincare for men that can leave a fella looking and feeling better than he ever imagined.

It's not uncommon for men to participate in their own "beauty" regime alongside their female counterparts.

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It was once common to consider feminine a man's attention to his own appearance, but contemporary culture, attitudes, and the growing trend of "metrosexuality" have given men more freedom to indulge in what was once considered "girly" self-care and take better care of themselves in the process. And the ladies go crazy for a well-groomed man!

Hands Up

Hands can be quite a turn-on for women – but not if they've got dirty or unruly fingernails! And I have yet to meet the gal who loves to snuggle up to rough, unkempt feet in front of a cozy fireplace?

Apparently, men have finally figured that out, and as a result, have begun invading the formerly "girls only" territory that is manicures and pedicures.

They are learning what women have known forever; that even more than just a rejuvenation for the hands and feet, mani-pedi's can also prove to be a relaxing and stress-relieving process.

Men love the pampering of having their hands soaked, wrapped and massaged. They're only human, after all!

On top of enjoying the whole process, guys will be pleasantly surprised at the happy reception their soft, cared-for hands and feet will elicit!

Mens Skincare

A proper skincare for men regime is often over-looked by manly men, as well.

Keeping the skin on your face clear and clean can make a huge difference in your confidence level and appearance. Like manicures, facials were also once believed to be a female indulgence, but men-specific facials are definitely on the rise.

The skin on your face is very different and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, and facials are a meticulous method of deep-cleansing the skin to keep it fresh and blemish-free.

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Love Those Facials

Facials can leave anyone – male or female - feeling completely refreshed. Facials can also be beneficial for folks with skin conditions such as acne and excessively dry skin.

Hair Care

Hair care is one place where men have been starting to take notice as well. While there are still lots of guys who think a quick shampoo is all it takes, more men are starting to invest in higher end styling products designed just for them.

Hair color is also becoming more commonly male domain, with an influx of male targeted at-home dye kits to cover gray, or paint-on sunny highlights.

No Nose Hair. Ever.

On the subject of hair, two oft-neglected-by-male areas are the eyebrows and nose. You guys may not notice, but I promise that the ladies do.

Trimming nose-hairs is quick and easy, and makes a world or difference. And tweezing in between your eyebrows will open your eyes and face, and just give you a more polished appearance.

You may even consider visiting a spa or salon to have them professionally waxed so you will have a good guideline to follow by someone who knows what they are doing.

If you're a gal with a grooming-phobic guy or one who know nothing about skincare for men you have a few options. If he's up for it, book him an appointment at a local spa.

If he's resistant to the idea, try a couples appointment, and get yourself treated as well. Once you get him in there once, you may find you've created a monster and find it becomes part of your regular routine.

If he just can't get into the idea of strangers fussing over him, you may consider channeling your inner stylist and taking care of him yourself.

No man can say no to an evening of pampering and lovely touching by his woman, and you'll get yourself a charming, handsome, fully manscaped dinner date!

Look Confident, Feel Confident

Skincare For Men
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 21, 2015

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