Skin Care At Forty And Beyond

Skin care at forty and beyond will have you changing some of your products to lightweight moisturizers and serums. You will also be adding a few new treatments products.

Women in their forty's need to kick their anti-age defense into high gear and develop some beautiful new habits in skin care.

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Skin Care At Forty

Forty Is The New Twenty

Who has not heard it said that forty is the new twenty? Take a good long look at the gravity defying figures and supple complexions of stars like Madonna and Demi Moore, and you just might be inclined to agree.

Women in their forties today are as fit and healthy as their twenty-something counterparts, with the added bonus of a comfort and love of their own skin that takes a few years to cultivate, and gives them a confidence and sensuality that you just can’t find at Forever 21.

Being fabulous at forty does’t just happen. Ideally, you've had a meticulous skin care regime in place since your teens, stayed out of the sun, and drunk enough water to fill Shamu’s swimming pool.

It Is Never Too Late

Skin care at forty can start now, even if you’re coming late to the party, it’s time to kick your anti-age defense into high gear and develop some beautiful new habits!

An anti-oxidant rich, healthy diet and lots of exercise is good for body, spirit, and skin. Gaining and losing weight can cause skin’s elasticity to break down and start to (gasp) sag, so maintaining a healthy, comfortable weight will definitely serve you as well. 

Lots and lots of water keep your muscles and organs (and skin is an organ) hydrated and clean. When you think you’re ready to float away, have just one more glass. 

Sunscreen and sun block have hopefully been your long-time companions. If you've been neglectful, it’s never too late to start carrying a small, yummy-smelling bottle in your glove box or handbag. 

There are many body lotions and facial moisturizers with SPF as well, but it never hurts to have a back up on hand.

Your lips are one of the driest and the most delicate parts of your face, and as you age they lose oil, collagen, and water. Daily protection with a lip balm containing SPF is a must.

Skin Care Past Forty


A daily anti-aging routine starts with the right cleanser. Most likely, your skin is a bit drier than it once was, so check out some of the creamier versions specifically designed for more mature skin types. Look for a cleanser that gently removes make-up, dirt and oil. 

Many contain non-acidic fruit extracts, such as apple, cherry, lemon and orange that act like a magnet to lift makeup, eye makeup, dirt, bacteria, and oil right off your skin with no stripping and no harsh chemicals. Follow that with a toner, but make sure it’s alcohol-free and very gentle.

Skin Care At Forty And Beyond Needs New Treatment Products

After toning, work in a serum or treatment type product gentle enough to be used daily, like a Vitamin C booster, and don’t forget the most important steps, a good moisturizer and eye cream. 

Be careful not to ignore your throat and décolleté, as these are areas that are sometimes forgotten and deserve just as much pampering. I heard someone once compare facial skin to plain writing paper, skin around the eyes to tissue, and neck to cardboard. Handle and treat each area accordingly. 

Retinol Products

Skin care at forty and beyond becomes the time to add a Retinol product to your bedtime routine a few times a week. Retinol will help to keep skin firm and smooth out some fine lines and wrinkles. On an alternate night once or twice a week, also employ an defoliant to keep skin fresh and lines at bay.

So stay away from cigarettes and the sun, load up on fruit, dark chocolate, and veggies, and keep that sun block in your beach bag, and you’ll soon be giving those Desperate Housewife hotties a run for their money!
Skin Care At Forty And Beyond - Author: Tanna Mayer

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