Short Wavy Hairstyles Wave Goodbye To Straight Hair

short-wavy-hairstyleYou know there are times when you feel that your short haircut is limiting and that you are trapped into one look day after day.

Just because your hair is cut into a certain style, or has a certain texture, does not mean there are not still many options open to you.

When you have a short haircut, waves are one of the most versatile alternatives to your usual look. A wavy hairstyle can be casual, classic, elegant, and worn day or night.

When you have a short haircut and the texture of your hair is stick straight, or naturally curly, you can get into the habit of styling your hair the same way every day.

If you were not born with natural wave to your hair, there is no reason you can not create a short wavy hairstyle on your own. Straight hair can be teased into waves, and curly hair can be tamed down to waves. No limits necessary!

The flexibility of a wavy hairstyle is perfect for an evening stroll on the red carpet or an afternoon lunch with a fellow celebrity pal. Waves can easily be dressed up for an evening gown or dressed down for jeans. Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani are just two stars that are often pictured opting for the glam and ease of waves.

Waves are just as easy for you to achieve on your own and take you where you need to go. A wavy hairstyle is perfect for anything from the office to lunch to a night out.

Short Wavy Hairstyles Wave Goodbye To Straight Hair

There are such a variety of styles for those with naturally wavy or non-naturally wavy hair. If you’re looking for a great wavy hairstyle to try out on yourself try these style steps.

arrow Wash hair and towel dry
arrowApply a dab of gel to hair, working through with your fingers or a comb
arrowBlow hair dry to create volume When dry, part hair into sections using clips to separate
Using large hot rollers or a large barreled curling iron curl hair into the direction of your choice
Use your fingers to arrange your hair how you want it
Comb through curls with fingers or a large comb to soften the waves even more if you desire
arrowLightly spray with hairspray to hold the style
arrowFinish with a light mist of spray shine if desired.


short wavy hairstyle
short wavy hairstyle
short wavy hairstyle

This short wavy hairstyle is completely adaptable. It can be tamed down into very soft waves for a day time look or teased up for a dramatic evening effect. Clips, barrettes, or even bows can be a wonderful accessory to a short wavy hairstyle.



There are so many ways to wear a short wavy hairstyle; the only limit is your imagination. Hair ruts, wearing the same look day after day can be a thing of the past.

Remember, just because you have short hair or a certain hair type does not mean that you’re hairstyle has to be restricted. If you need a fresh new look, no matter what the occasion, try a short wavy hairstyle.


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