Short Pixie Hairstyles For Older Women

Short pixie hairstyles for older women are easy to style and even easier to wear. A pixie cut refers to a variety of short haircuts that typically contain many layers. The pixie cut is sheared to over the ears and often contains wispy bangs.

Short Pixie Older Women

The significant feature of a pixie haircut is close-cropped layers that surround the face and lay close on the sides and back of the head. 

However, as with most great haircuts, the pixie hairstyle leaves you with options to individualize your look. Your pixie can be cropped to have long layers throughout the crown for body and volume if you desire. 

The short pixie hairstyle speaks of a woman that has self-confidence. This cut will show off your features beautifully. The pixie cut is perfect for older women, as it is youthful, playful and full of vigor as you see in our model pictured here.

A short pixie haircut is full of styling convenience as it can literally be wash and wear. Even though your locks will be clipped very short, you still have a number of styling options available with a short pixie cut.

The pixie is incredibly flattering on fine-boned faces, and showcases your eyes. This hairstyle is designed to show off your facial features beautifully.

Cloris Leachman With A Pixie HairstyleCloris Leachman With A Pixie Hairstyle

Cloris Leachman is a well-loved older female celebrity. She has been in television and movies for years, and her short haircuts suit her to perfection. Typically, Cloris wears a version of the pixie haircut. At 79 years old, her artfully styled, fun loving short pixie cut makes her look years younger. 

A few minutes in your beautician’s chair is all that it takes to wear Cloris’s version of the pixie haircut. Request that your stylist cut your locks to about 2 to 3 inches all over your head. 

Your tresses will need to be textured for volume and to create a stylish messy look if desired. Uneven pieces around your face and neckline provide a soft, feminine element to short pixie hairstyles for older women. 

Easy Styling

  • Shampoo and condition your hair with products that are formulated for your hair texture. 
  • Towel dry and apply a firm hair gel or styling foam with your fingers.
  • Use a blow dryer and your fingers to fluff your locks for volume.
  • While drying, direct your hair away from your face on the sides and top.
  • You can opt to style some of your hair down at the sides and bang area to soften the look.
  • Mist with hairspray for hold.

Author: Tanna Mayer

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