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Short Layered Hairstyles

Easy Styling

You may think that your short haircut limits from changing your present look. Luckily,... If your hair is thin, layers provide the illusion of thickness nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want to jazz up your current short haircut, why not try some layers. Layers are an easy way to create either a dramatic or a simplistic difference to your already existing short haircut.

Many women fall into the category of seeing a hairstyle that they like yet not wanting to look like everyone else.

When a current short haircut is trendy, it can seem as if everyone you meet has the same hairstyle as you. Layers are an excellent way of having the short haircut that you love, while maintaining an individual look.

Layered Style For Fine Hair

Women, who are not very tall, may feel that a short haircut would not be flattering. However, layers are a simple yet effective way to add instant height. A hairstyle with short, spiky layers makes you appear to be taller.

A short layered haircut can be found for any hair type as well. If your hair is thin, layers provide the illusion of thickness. For those women with a perm, a layered cut can be an instant rejuvenator for fading curls.

If your hair happens to be made up of run away natural curls, a short layered haircut can be an instant tamer.

Short haircuts with long wispy layers are the epitome of sexiness and femininity. Paris Hilton proved that when she had her long locks cut into a short layered bob.

If the same short layered haircut suits the style your going for, a beauty salon visit is the place to start. Start with a short bob that has layering throughout.

The hair through the front and crown should be left a bit longer, however be layered through the ends. Best of all, this edgy, yet sophisticated short haircut, is almost effortless to style.

For Fine Hair

Short Layered Hairstyle
Short Asymmetriccal Hairstyles You Will Look Great Wearing

Style Steps

Towel dry hair

Run a dab of gel or mousse through hair with your fingers


Spray with hairspray for hold

Lightly spray with a shine spray if desired If you dare to go for a bolder short haircut, why not emulate Victoria Becham's funky layered style.

This look is fun and funky, yet classy at the same time; there is a reason she is called Posh after all!

Have your stylist give you longer layers in the front and on the sides with shorter layers in the back. This will create smooth, tapered effect.

Ask for wispy bangs to compliment your chic new look. Styling this short layered haircut is so simple. It will have out the door and on the dance floor in no time at all.

Apply gel through hair with your fingers Blow-dry using a large paddle brush Use a small amount of styling wax and arrange your hair with your fingers

Lightly spray with hairspray for hold Finish with a mist of spray shine for a glossy look if desired.

Short Layered Hair